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The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris

The Nanny Arrangement

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Written by: Rachel Harris
Print Length: 233 pages
Publisher: Entangled: Bliss
Publication Date: May 22, 2017
Sold by: Macmillan
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Soft-spoken and shy Hannah Fisher is determined to make the man she’s loved her entire life finally see her as a woman. With the help of a makeover, a new mission—Operation Find My Happy—and the convenient forced proximity of a tour bus, she vows to win her best friend Deacon’s heart.

Former bad boy and current fiddle player Deacon Latrell has the world at his fingertips: a new gig with a famous band, plus his best friend on tour as his son’s nanny. Life couldn’t get much sweeter. Now if only he could stop imagining kissing the daylights out of his childhood BFF…

With one friend set on pushing the boundaries and the other afraid to rock the boat, one thing’s for certain—their story would make one heck of a country song.
The Nanny Arrangement (Country Blues, #2)The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris

Hannah is known as shy and soft-spoken but underneath she has a strong core and is an extremely hard working. When she gets the chance to win her best friends heart, once and for all, she takes it…it comes in the position of nanny on a rock and roll tour bus.

Deacon has been half in love with Hannah from day one but she is his best friend and he doesn’t want to mess up a good thing. But how is he going to resist her when she blows his mind with just her smile.

This is a case of serious lack of communication, which makes for some excellent reading.

Utterly sweet and endearing love story. He was her superhero, she saved his life and together they've always ever been best friends.

Can you say SWOON with a capital S! Harris writes humanized, lovable characters that touch a place deep in your heart.

I received this ARC copy of The Nanny Arrangement from Entangled Publishing, LLC. This is my honest and voluntary review. The Nanny Arrangement is set for publication May 22, 2017.

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