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The Other Side by Kaylor Ward

The Other Side
by Kaylor Ward

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Parker Press Publishing (May 14, 2017)
Publication Date: May 14, 2017
Genre: Suspense | Women's Fiction
Print Length: 264 pages
Available from: Amazon
Lauren is in a cell. She knows she shouldn’t be there.
When Lauren and Rick are left an allotment they embark on an exciting lifestyle change that they hope will bring their step-family closer together. They embrace the chance for a slice of the good life, fresh air and family times together. Lauren and Rick are a loving, sexy couple, but this is their second time around, and they have never completely left their pasts behind them. For Lauren it’s the gut wrenching affair that her first husband had before he left her. For Rick it’s the loss of his beloved children he was alienated from and forced to leave behind seven years ago.
One day a new family move into a cottage behind the allotment. That day changes everything. That day they start falling apart. And as they start to crumble, one of them is pushed to the edge.
The Other Side is a cross genre contemporary novel, guaranteed to have readers turning pages as the characters deal with their inner torment, hiding their true feelings to preserve themselves and their relationships. A thrilling family drama about life issues of love, divorce, step parenting and alienation built around a sunny allotment outside a small town just down the road from you! The story is told from the viewpoints of Lauren, and Rick who live in the English market town of Marbury.
If you have a passion for contemporary fiction that resonates with your life you will find all of the following in The Other Side: life as a parent, wife, husband, step parent, second marriages, divorce, parental alienation, love, distrust and much more. The book also has themes around allotment life and gardening, and is an inspiration for families that want to try allotment gardening. Terry Walton, the allotment guru from the Jeremy Vine, said:
"I love the idea that the couple in The Other Side take on a family allotment in search of the good life. I’ve heard many great stories on my allotment over the years, but not any that ended up with anyone behind bars! The allotment is a place for fresh air, socialising, and healthy living. I hope this novel encourages more people to get outside and share that with their families."
The Other Side shows the love between a couple, and the deep psychology of their relationship as it is tested and falters. This is a bitter-sweet story of deep love, and loss told with warmth and psychological insight. If you love to read books with a twist at the end then this book delivers a twist at the end that you won't see coming.

The Other Side by Kaylor Ward

The Other SideLiving brings scars, some can be seen and some that are buried deep within, but color the rest of our lives. Some become hidden, twisted, their realities so brutal we forget them or learn to believe a fantasy that is less painful. Whatever scars we have will become exposed in time. The damage from the past can become the nightmares of our present or the healing balm for our future.

THE OTHER SIDE, a dark and suspenseful tale from Kaylor Ward is the story of two scarred people and a marriage that should have healed them both, but instead became the straw that broke the camel’s back. Rick and Lauren discover that hiding their true selves from their partner and not trusting in the bond they have can be the most painful mistake they could have ever made.

The allotment they were given should have been the start of an adventure, of learning to become one with the earth and feeling the satisfaction of growing sustenance from the soil. Instead it became an obsession for Rick when he heard the sounds of the new family living on the other side of the garden wall. When Lauren becomes suspicious that there is more to his new gardening obsession than growing a prized tomato, her nightmares from past infidelities come roaring back and she is determined to find out who his mystery woman is. Little did she know what she would discover and that it would lead her down the road to hell.

Heavy with atmosphere and a feeling of anticipation, Kaylor Ward’s tale is both enthralling and a raw look at the failure of a marriage built on secrets. Follow along as two humans in love break all the rules of trust as this tale spins down to an ending that is equal parts unexpected and shockingly inevitable.

I received an ARC edition from Kaylor Ward in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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