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The Pacifist by Mehreen Ahmed

The Pacifist
by Mehreen Ahmed

Publisher: Cosmic Teapot Publishing (May 11, 2017)
Publication Date: May 11, 2017
Genre: Historical Literary Fiction
ISBN-10: 1988762065
ISBN-13: 978-1988762067
Print Length: 294 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

In 1866, Peter Baxter’s misfortune ends the day he leaves Badgerys Creek orphanage. Unsure of what to do next, Peter finds himself on a farm run by Mr. Brown. An aging man, Brown needs help and is happy to give Peter a place to live in exchange for his labor. Unbeknownst to Peter, Brown’s past is riddled with dark secrets tied to the same orphanage, which he has documented in a red folder.

During a chance encounter, Peter meets Rose. Peter cannot help but fall in love with her beauty, grace, and wit but fears that his affection will go unrequited as a result of his crippling poverty. But fate changes when Peter joins the search for gold in Hill End, New South Wales. Striking it rich, he returns to Rose a wealthy man. Peter is changed by his new found affluence, heading towards the mire of greed. Will Rose regret her relationship with Peter?

Meanwhile, Rose has her own troubled history. One that is deeply entwined with Brown’s past and Peter’s future.

The Pacifist by Mehreen Ahmed

The PacifistLife is like an endless circle, often spinning out of control. This is a tale of life caught in a tornado of darkness.

His life started out alone, abandoned and poor, a resident of the Badgery’s Creek orphanage. Peter had a dream, one day he would be a man to look up to, a man to respect, a wealthy man with power and his journey began the day he left the orphanage. Would Peter Baxter find the life he craved or would he find he wasn’t the master of his fate after all?

The time is the 1800s. The place, Australia during the gold rush years when gold fever could make or break a man’s spirit and would forever change the destiny of one Peter Baxter, in turn, this driven man molded the destiny of his only son, Malcolm and created the man he would become.

Peter had drive, he had ambition and he wasn’t afraid to work for what he had, but little did he know that Fate would weave his life into a web of darkness that included his young and troubled wife, Rose. This is a tale of a man who sold his soul for the power he gained, only to learn that his family also paid the price, a price that was recorded in the red folder. It would be that folder that would tell the family’s deepest and darkest secrets, of manipulation, loss, greed, love and even remorse. Would that red folder become a link between the generations of lies that will shape a warped future for Malcolm?

Mehreen Ahmed’s THE PACIFIST is a dark tale that touches on the tips of insanity, insecurity, false hopes and the unknown powers of the mind while bearing a detailed history of the life, times and attitudes of nineteenth century Australia. Feel the drive and blind ambition of a man who loses focus on what is important. Crawl through the mind of his young wife, an unstable woman caught up in a lonely tableau as her husband lives only for his businesses and the power he can amass.

There is a dark connection that slinks back to the Badgery’s Creek orphanage, an unsavory deal and those ensnared in its vile web. Discover what Mehreen Ahmed has created and be mesmerized by the power of her words, the depth of her research and the accuracy she blends into a fictional family wallowing in crisis without a clue.

Ms. Ahmed’s pen has made powerful strokes in a tale that will hold readers captive from start to finish. There is no happy ending, there is a feeling of the past snaking through the future in a chokehold that could spiral on and on. If you are looking for amazing storytelling, this emotional kidnapping into Mehreen Ahmed’s world is one that will leave you deep in thought for days after. Highly recommended!

I received an ARC edition from Mehreen Ahmed in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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