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Wrath for Bone by K.P. Ambroziak (Vincent Du Maurier #2)

Wrath for Bone
by K.P. Ambroziak

Series: Vincent Du Maurier - Book 2
Publication Date: July 2, 2015
Publisher: K.P. Amroziak
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy
Print Length: 268 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Blood flows freely in Empress Cixi’s den but it’s not everything it appears to be, especially the donors. As guest on her ship, Vincent has a secret to learn, a mystery to solve, and a novice to save.

All the while, Evelina must adjust to her awakening, discovering her new gifts, and how to be a fierce competitor, as the ship of vampires proves an unforgiving place.

Wrath for Bone by K.P. Ambroziak (Vincent Du Maurier #2)

Wrath for Bone (Vincent Du Maurier #2)With the hordes of zombies overtaking the land, vampires have taken to the seas to survive, but unlike those happy cruise ships with the big rodent ears where fun flows freely, on Empress Cixi’s vessel, it is blood that flows like the most decadent of champagne. Intended to sustain her vampires, human donors live to serve pint after pint to the thirsty vamps. In exchange they were to receive relative safety and a comfortable existence. But is that what is really going on? Are these donors as pure as they are purported to be? Vincent is aboard and he is playing part sycophant, part detective and part protector as the beautiful Evelina awakens to a world where no one can be trusted, especially not the brutal Empress who holds something that was once very dear to Evelina’s now dead heart.

An entire book to tell the tale of shipboard life with vampires? Trust me, WRATH FOR BONE is more than meets the eye, just like the Empress and K.P. Ambroziak has got the scoop on what goes on behind closed staterooms. Just when you think there could NOT possibly be more shocking revelations about our bloody vampires, along comes Vincent, and he breaks the mold with his “humanity.” Then again, love can probably change a leopard’s spots if it is deep enough, right?
Evelina has much to learn in order to survive and Vincent has chosen well in finding her teachers. She must be tough, she must be strong, she must be cold and ready to face whatever the Empress has designed for her, but she is still untested, untried and so young…she is like a lamb going to slaughter, or is she?

Pretty sure K.P. Ambroziak has awed me again with her talent as a dark fantasy writer. Her characters are edgy, yet many possess a softer side that would prove them weak in the vampire world. Her scenes are brutal, sometimes vicious and always told in bloody detail, so welcome aboard, lock your stateroom doors and bring your own food supply as we sail into more danger and deceit with the zombies looking on from the shore, just waiting to hear, “Vamp overboard.” Then again, that may be a better bet than siding with the Empress, especially for Evelina…

I received this copy from K.P. Ambroziak in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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