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Blink of an Eye by Eric Wilder (Paranormal Cowboy, #3)

Blink of an Eye 
by Eric Wilder

Series: Paranormal Cowboy - Book 3
Publisher: Gondwana Press (January 30, 2017)
Publication Date: January 30, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Print Length: 238 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

P.I. Buck McDivit must stop a killer, but first he must travel back in time to a 1000-year-old Mississippian pyramid and drink hallucinogenic tea with the most powerful Indian chief in North America and his spiritual adviser, a gorgeous woman with a rattlesnake tattoo and designs on Buck's soul.

Blink of an Eye by Eric Wilder (Paranormal Cowboy, #3)

Blink of an Eye (Paranormal Mystery Thriller) (Paranormal Cowboy Book 3)It happened in a BLINK OF AN EYE, one minute Cowboy P.I. Buck McDivit was driving along and the next, he was given an strange black object from a dying man who says it was meant for him, all while he was pulling the man from his burning vehicle. The private investigator in Buck comes to life as he learns where the object came from and who sent it to him. Now all he needed was the why, and the plot thickens as Buck becomes part of a mystery that spans over one thousand years, one ancient tribe forced into extinction and an unlikely hunt for the famous Bigfoot in Eastern Oklahoma.

A time-traveling cowboy? Mystical secrets are revealed as Buck engages the help of one museum curator, familiar with the tribes of the area, a sexy, yet powerful spirit guide from the past and a special tea taken from the black cup he was given. What he witnesses is like a journey to ancient Mayan times, but even that will not prepare him for what comes next!

Everyone should take life like Buck, with a quirky sense of humor and timing as well as his keen sense of observation…which at times was comical in itself! Eric Wilder has put his own spin on the paranormal and left out the heavy stuff, as we witness the unbelievable right along with Buck, and his trusty sidekick Pard. Not sure about trying something paranormal? Fear no more, Buck is here with his horse, dog and spirit guide! And about his search for Bigfoot? Guess you’ll have to read this adventure to find out!

I received this copy from Eric Wilder in exchange for my honest review.

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