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Cold Reign by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #11)

Cold Reign 
by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock is a shape-shifting skinwalker…and the woman rogue vampires fear most.

Jane walks softly and carries a big stake to keep the peace in New Orleans, all part of her job as official Enforcer to Leo Pellissier, Master of the City. But Leo’s reign is being threatened by a visit from a delegation of ancient European vampires seeking to expand their dominions.

And there’s another danger to the city. When she hears reports of revenant vampires, loose in NOLA and out for blood, Jane goes to put them down—and discovers there’s something unusual about these revenants. They never should have risen.

Jane must test her strength against a deadly, unnatural magic beyond human understanding, and a ruthless cadre of near-immortals whose thirst for power knows no bounds…

Publisher: Roc

Price: $7.99

Release date: May 2, 2017

ISBN: 978-1101991404

Cold Reign by Faith Hunter

The Europeans are coming, the Europeans are coming, or they might already be here. Once again, Leo’s tight-lipped policy causes all kinds of head aches, heart aches and just general mayhem for Jane, everyone she holds dear and the NOLA in general.

Revenants are running wild.

A bunch of key New Orleans vamps have gone missing.

And a ghost ship has docked off shore.

It is what manages to make it ashore that puts everyone at risk.

I flat out love this series. Faith Hunter never fails to bring a high octane adventure that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat and reading into the wee-hours of the morning.

I love watching the dynamics between Jane and her family by choice grow and evolve. COLD REIGN is packed full of this character growth and new and exciting developments that I've come to expect and love from Hunter.

I knew before I even clicked on this ebook, I was going to be hooked…it of course, is another Jane Yellowrock adventure…what’s not to LOVE! With every installment, I am amazed by the fresh, new and exciting twists Hunter manages to throw our way and of course, new perils Jane and the gang must face.

I do admit, I’m a little concerned about the possible  complications in Jane’s love life and hope that  directions aren't  taken to just make more heart ache for Jane.

In the end, I found myself completely immersed in Cold Reign. Faith Hunter had me hook, line and sinker…and I didn’t want this experience to end. And that is just what this was, an experience in another world, the amazing imagings of Faith Hunter.

Sure to delight any urban fantasy fan, check out COLD REIGN.

New York Times Bestselling author Faith Hunter writes three series: the Jane Yellowrock series, dark urban fantasy novels featuring Jane, a Cherokee Skinwalker; the Rogue Mage novels, a dark, urban fantasy / post apocalyptic series and role playing game featuring Thorn St. Croix; and the Soulwood Series featuring Nell Nicholson Ingram.

Visit Faith online at, or follow her on FacebookTwitter, and Goodreads.

Character Profile: Grégoire

Grégoire, blood-master of Clan Arceneau, of the court of Charles the Wise, fifth of his line, in the Valois Dynasty. Now he is Leo Pellissier’s number two scion, his secondo heir.

Was a member of the French royal court before he was turned. Turned young, back in a pre-Revolution French court, and had been chosen for his beauty by his master and sire, François Le Bâtard, an illegitimate son of François d’Angoulême.

He is a better fighter than Leo and is always first on the battlefield.

Lives at the Arceneau Clan Home.

Is pansexual.


Grégoire is blond, prettier than a girl, delicate, gorgeous with dark blue eyes. He appears to be fourteen or fifteen and is 5’7”. Weighs about 100 lbs. He carries himself with an elegance that puts the other vamps to shame. The color of his scent a pale green, the honey gold of spring flowers, the perfume of freshwater streams and summer gardens. A pale green, the honey gold of spring flowers, soft, like the seashore.

Grégoire looks fragile, but his file suggests he likes a good war, battle, or barroom brawl . He has fought in many wars. He can handle silver and had been silver poisoned recently.

He owns a stretch Lincoln and a refurbished Vietnam Era Bell Huey.

Jane calls him “Blondie”.

**Compiled by Melissa M. Gilbert of Clicking Keys, for the Character History of the Jane Yellowrock world**

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