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Embattlement by Norma Hinkens (The Undergrounders, #2)

by Norma Hinkens

Trilogy: The Undergrounders - Book 2
Publisher: Dunecadia Publishing; 1 edition (February 21, 2016)
Publication Date: February 21, 2016
Genre: YA Dystopian
Print Length: 310 pages
Available from: Amazon

The Undergrounders prevail. But war has just begun.

Against all odds, Derry and a handful of survivors escape the malevolent Doctor Lyong’s clutches, but victory proves bittersweet. No one knows if Owen is dead or alive. Forced to find new recruits Derry makes the treacherous journey to Shoshane City, home of the mysterious riders. Mutiny and sabotage are afoot and Derry finds herself caught up in a desperate struggle to save the city from being destroyed by The Ghost, a dangerous rogue who swears allegiance to no one. Time is running out to save Owen, and tensions are rising between Jakob and Sven, the devastatingly handsome clone who may turn out to be a deadly distraction.
Will Derry emerge victorious from the showdown at the Craniopolis, or will the price of freedom mean sacrificing the one she loves?

Embattlement by Norma Hinkens (The Undergrounders, #2)

Embattlement (Undergrounders, #2)Owen was left behind to suffer at the hands of a twisted scientist. Derry and those who managed to escape the brutality of Dr. Lyong are now alone, outnumbered and in need of a new leader. Derry must step up, but the question of what has happened to her brother becomes an obsession that Derry MUST answer. To re-enter Craniopolis is a death mission, uneasy alliances must be made, and no one is sure who can be trusted. Will Derry find the strength she needs to conjure deals for support, warriors and take down both the monstrous madman, and save her brother?

Caught up in her own personal drama between the pacifist Jakob and the warrior clone, Sven, Derry must keep her distance as her heart is pulled in opposite directions and the clock ticks down on any chance to find Owen alive. Derry will use any method necessary to save her brother, including using a pawn that may turn the tables of the power the doctor holds. But can the alliances she has made be trusted? Is she sending her “army” into the valley of death?

Norma Hinkens has added fuel to the raging flames of her dystopian world where humans are turned into science experiments and warrior clones are mass-produced to overrun what is left of the world. EMBATTLEMENT is non-stop danger, action and unseen twists that explode off every page form start to finish. Chaotic, terrifying, bold and daring, follow Derry and the Undergrounders as they forge into the unknown with allies the once would have run in fear from. Trust and timing will all come down to one last chance to save humanity.

Be prepared to be enveloped in a desolate, dystopian world where lives hang in the balance and one young woman will become the figurehead that either launch a victory or sink the hopes of the innocent victims.

I received this copy from Norma Hinkens in exchange for my honest review.

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