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Escape Velocity: A Dire Earth Novel (Dire Earth Duology #2) by Jason M. Hough

Escape Velocity: A Dire Earth Novel
by Jason M. Hough

Series: The Dire Earth Cycle - Book 5 -Duology Book 2
Publisher: Del Rey (June 27, 2017)
Publication Date: June 27, 2017
Genre: Science Fiction
Print Length: 432 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Part two of a thrilling action-adventure sci-fi duology featuring indomitable characters, incredible worlds, and plenty of rip-roaring action and thrills!
Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Captains Skyler Luiken and Gloria Tsandi (and their respective crews) have smashed through the deadly Swarm Blockade, but now find themselves scattered around the planet Carthage and the space stations that she holds in her orbit. Their mission is now twofold: destroy the military compounds of the nefarious alien overlords and find a way back home to Earth.
Standing in their way are a race of horrifying aliens aided by incredible weapons and technology. Low on supplies and with intermittent communication, the surviving humans must rely on all of their cunning, strength, and plain old good luck to turn the tables and overcome their foes.

Escape Velocity: A Dire Earth Novel (Dire Earth Duology #2) by Jason M. Hough

Escape Velocity: A Dire Earth Novel (The Dire Earth Cycle)Skyler is back, Gloria is back, the crews are back and the Swarm Blockade has been breached! A few minor details they have all landed scattered across the planet Carthage and its space stations, a little battered, a little bruised and in a lot of trouble. Getting back to Earth? Not looking like they will be making the one thousand light year journey without a ship. So why not take out the nasty aliens on their own turf? Sounds like a plan for fools or heroes, but our space travelers are not fools…

Hang on tight as we blast off once again with Jason M. Hough and his latest outer space nail biter, ESCAPE VELOCITY. Talk about being rocketed right into the story! Our heroes don’t even know if they can breathe the air for sure…and just how long will their suits continue to protect, hydrate and feed them? Weapons, what about weapons, what will work, what won’t, how long will they last as they play hide n seek with the enemy on their own turf? Only good old human ingenuity and the will to succeed and survive keep our heroes moving, in search of missing crewmen and a way off the galactic Hell they find themselves in.

Jason M. Hough has another richly detailed, action-packed story that is a pure adrenaline rush from start to finish! There will be no fly-on-the-wall voyeurism, you WILL become part of the story, the action and the true brilliance that is ESCAPE VELOCITY, and you won’t be able to help it. Truly a gem from the stars and beyond!

I received an ARC edition from Del Rey in exchange for my honest review.

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