Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Four by Jane Blythe (Count to Ten, #4)

by Jane Blythe

Series: Count to Ten - Book 4
Expected Publication Date: July 30, 2017
Publisher: Bear Spots Publications
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Soon to be available to Pre-order
Detective Jack Xander and his partner are investigating the sudden spate of crimes at an apartment building, but every time they think they’re making progress another assault leads them in a completely different direction. As they hunt for the killer’s real target Jack is about to come face to face with someone from his past he thought he’d never set eyes on again.

Ten years ago Laura Opal endured a four day long ordeal that left her broken and traumatized. But the men who hurt her were caught, tried, found guilty and imprisoned, so what’s happening in her apartment building can't have anything to do with her . . . can it?

 Four by Jane Blythe (Count to Ten, #4)

Four (Count to Ten #4)Someone has targeted a specific apartment on each floor of a complex that at first blush could have been unrelated. From a gruesome murder to a physical attack, it was the precise attention to detail that led Jack Xander and his partner to seek who the true target is. What Jack discovered when he knocked on the door of the next suspected victim would bring back the pain and shame of his youth as the shell of a woman he once loved stood before him.

Laura has been a recluse since she was kidnapped and brutally raped and tortured repeatedly for days until hikers became heroes and found her, near death, battered and bloodied. The monsters paid with prison sentences and her nightmare should be over, but she relives it every moment of her life. Now a recluse, afraid of her own shadow and terrified of leaving her self-imposed prison, seeing Jack does more than bring back another nightmare her heart endured, the nightmare of betrayal by her then boyfriend, Jack.

How does Jack convince her that she may be a target once again? She has no reason to trust him, but her life may depend on it. Can Jack prove he is not the boy she once knew? Can he protect her from a monster creeping around in the shadows? Who WILL be his next victim? Is he really after Laura or has Jack let his emotions cloud his judgement?

Mistakes will be made, someone will pay the price. As the victim count rises, Jack must exam his ability to be the cop he knows he is and Laura must gather the courage to take that first step out of her apartment in ten years…and Jane Blythe gives no quarter when it comes to intense, nail-biting suspense in FOUR her latest dark romance that had this reader glued to every page, every detail and cringing at each terrifying scene.

Not for the faint of heart, FOUR puts the evil that man can impose on man right out there in all of its terrible glory. Brilliant plotting, in-your-face action and frustration, this emotionally charged nightmare will leave readers locking their doors and checking the closets, just in case….

I received an ARC edition from Jane Blythe in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Four!! And thank you for the time you put into writing such amazingly thoughtful reviews!!

    1. Oh my! You saw it? ;) Thank YOU for another tense read!

  2. I just reviewed Three and have Four...sitting there...looking at me...Great review and I am loving this series too, Dii.
    sherry @ fundinmental