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Le Cirque De Magie by Marsha A. Moore

Le Cirque De Magie
by Marsha A. Moore

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Marsha A. Moore (November 22, 2011)
Publication Date: November 22, 2011
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Print Length: 47 pages
Available from: Amazon
The circus is a blur of commotion with last minute preparations for the spring tour. Ravi, the high-wire heart throb, becomes jittery when he meets the company’s newly-hired female dwarf. Hours before departure, his magical perceptions are on fire as he witnesses her involvement in a gory bump off.

The circus manager can’t be found. Ravi is desperate to protect his sweetheart and performing partner, Alice. The train creaks away, beginning the long journey with danger stowed on board. Nicknamed the Great Birdman, Ravi steps forward and exposes his true identity—a real risk during edgy, vigilante times of prohibition. A brave move—but will his Suparna abilities be enough to snuff out this fierce demon?

Le Cirque De Magie by Marsha A. Moore

Le Cirque De MagieAhh, the magic of the circus, the acts, the high energy activity, the death-defying moves, the travel, the murder….Enter the world of Marsha A. Moore’s LE CIRQUE DE MAGIE where the performers are more than talented entertainers and while their acts may be death defying, the behind the scenes murder could be a real show stopper.

Meet Ravi, a powerful being whose trapeze act will leave you breathless, because he has a secret, as does every other performer, they are not human. When evil comes to the circus, Ravi knows it is more than meets the human eye and he will risk everything, including exposing his true nature to bring evil down and protect those he loves.

Marsha A. Moore opens this tale full-throttle, adds the mystery of ancient sanskrits, legendary deities and a sweet romance that defies the brevity of this tale. A quick read filled with all the detail of something much longer, but just as magically exciting!

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