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Legacy Strain by Taylor Brooke (Isolation, #3)

Legacy Strain
by Taylor Brooke

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Isolation - Book 3
Publisher: Limitless Publishing LLC (June 6, 2017)
Publication Date: June 6, 2017
Genre: Sci-fi | Post-apocalyptic
Print Length: 259 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Brooklyn Harper’s friends have betrayed her, her heart is broken, and all of humanity is at risk.

After Kirin’s unannounced arrival in Louisiana, Brooklyn finds herself scrambling for a way out of an impossible situation. Kirin is creating the deadly Genesis Cull, and Brooklyn doesn’t know who to turn to for help.

With no other options, she’s forced to trust her nemesis, Juneau Malloy. His support allows the group of Special Omen Operatives to gear up, form a plan of action, and train for the day when they come face-to-face with their worst fear—going to war with their friends.

There is a divide in the once inseparable group of Omens, and their only hope is to put the pieces back together.

Julian Yu Matsumoto agonizes over the difference between right and wrong, love and sacrifice, genocide and revolution. While he struggles with his feelings for Kirin, his moral compass is spinning round and round, his heart is being pulled in different directions, and Julian is desperate to answer questions he never thought he would have to ask.

Is Kirin's Genesis Cull a revolution or genocide?

Could there be another way to save themselves and humanity as they know it?

Will Julian pay the ultimate price for loving a monster?

Their only hope for redemption is—the Legacy Strain.

Legacy Strain by Taylor Brooke (Isolation, #3)

Legacy Strain (Isolation, #3)Right, wrong, selfishness, sacrifice and love, all part of the chaos of a special group of warriors betrayed by a world they were supposed to protect. They are called the Omens and even the fabric that binds them is fraying as doubt, jealousy, insecurity and well-kept secrets put razor-sharp tears in their very foundation. Who can be trusted? Has someone turned on them? Will they face an enemy once considered one of them?

Even two hearts in love can become enemies when their ideals become polar opposites. Kirin has created a drug that will either be a weapon of genocide or the salvation of a world poisoned by their government and a Pharmaceuticals Corporation they were supposed to trust in. Julian must decide if Kirin has become a monster or if the lover he once knew still has a heart.
One former ally will stand against Kirin and his “Genesis Cull,” but it could cost her dearly. An unlikely ally come to her aid with the means to bring Omen Operatives together as they train for a final showdown against one of their own.

Heroes will die, but will their death be final or a re-birth into a new life, a regeneration, if you will. Lovers will learn to share in this time of turmoil, if only to feel the closeness of another. Respect will grow, and trust will be hard won. Will this family of special warriors survive? If they do, if they save the world, what cost will they pay? Where will they go? Will the world ever know of their sacrifice?

Taylor Brooke brings LEGACY STRAIN to life with high tension, deep emotional connections and vivid scenes that spill off the pages. Follow as unsung heroes become pariahs in the game of good versus evil. Witness the blurring of the lines between black and white, the gut decisions made on a hope and a prayer. Ms Brooke spares nothing to bring raw turmoil to each page and I was captured in the web she wove, once again.

I received an ARC edition from Taylor Brooke in exchange for my honest review.

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