Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Shorts by Arthur Doweyko

My Shorts
by Arthur M. Doweyko

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: May 22, 2017
Publisher: Arthur M. Doweyko
Genre: Sci-fi Short Stories
Print Length: 196 pages
Available from: Amazon
My Shorts is a collection of 13 thought-provoking award-winning fantasy and science fiction tales, many of which have previously appeared in e-zines and in print.

Think Twilight Zone stirred with a splash of science and a jigger of fantasy. Harry teams up with Harry in a time-travelling thriller to save their wife; Andrew the cyborg is the last human and must decide whether to go fully artificial; a policeman makes a fateful choice during a first alien contact; a little boy finds he cannot lie; when something hits you on the head, you better hope it's not blue ice.

 My Shorts by Arthur Doweyko

My ShortsFirst, let me tell you, no, not THOSE shorts, short stories, quirky stories, fascinating stories and even thought-provoking stories. Pretty sure readers will not leave these tales behind without wondering, what if?

Some authors are filled with so many stories to share, the best way to get them out there is to create an anthology of great reading! Arthur M. Doweyko is one of those creators and MY SHORTS is actually as the title states, Mr. Doweyko’s shorts, or rather, short stories all together under one cover, a baker's dozen of wonderful reading!

What if we could go back in time to the present and have the cure to one of the most deadly cancers? One man did just that in an effort to save his dying wife, but not by going forward first, but by leaving the scientific means via a time machine running until finally his future self could come back, cure in hand. Can that be called altering the past if it is really the present? Think on that….

Maybe a machine that can predict probabilities of future actions interests you, and using detailed scientific data, can actually show how a move you make will look, one second prior to completing the action? Imagine the possibilities or perhaps the horror of your future actions if it were set to further out in the future?

Those are just two of the tales Arthur Doweyko has shared, and they just get better! If you like the “what ifs” in life, the ones you may day dream about, this is a perfect group of shorts that may be enjoyed one piece at a time, completely nightmare free, but also completely entertaining!
I received this copy from Arthur M. Doweyko in exchange for my honest review.

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