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Quantum Silence (Exilon 5, #4) by Eliza Green

Quantum Silence 
by Eliza Green

Series: Exilon 5 - Book 4
Publication Date: May 1, 2017
Publisher: Eliza Green
Genre: Science Fiction
Print Length: 377 pages
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Criminal factions rise in a post-World Government era and take control of the cities and people on Earth.
Indigenes returning to Earth are captured by the factions.
Residents living under the regime of fear are suspicious of the newcomers.
But one Indigene may hold the key to their liberation.

In a post-World Government era, the criminal factions have emerged to take control of the cities and the people on Earth.

Keen to reconnect with their human lives, some Indigenes return to Earth, only to be captured by the factions and ridiculed by those abandoned by their own government.

A returned Indigene named Isobel is sold to Waverley, a New York neighbourhood suspicious of the newcomer. But as a problem with the supply of life support threatens the residents, it appears that Isobel may hold the key to their liberation.

Continue on the journey with Quantum Silence, book four in the exciting Exilon 5 series.

Quantum Silence (Exilon 5, #4) by Eliza Green

Quantum Silence (Exilon 5, #4)Earth is in shambles, only the dregs of the world have been left behind on the dying planet. Only the strong can rule, but their strength does not lay in honor, it’s in brutality and control of the needs for survival. Small “fiefdoms” have risen as the poor get poorer and their oppressors have the power to end their very existence while watching their every move. Is this what the world has come to or is there more beyond the walls they are limited to?

Indigenes from Exilon 5 are being sold as slaves, so why would they choose to return to the world they left behind as humans? The time has come for change, the resistance must act, but they need help from the last being that would set foot on Earth…as well as the Indigenes cruelly bought and sold as property.

Eliza Green has changed up the pace, darkened each scene and exposes the human suffering in a world gone mad. It will be desperation and will to survive that will bring revolution. Revolution brings pain, and death, but it also brings hope, hope for a world on the brink of implosion. Can humans and Indigenes work together to bring life to a world in its death throes? Will the Indigenes find a place to reconnect with their past lives? Can Earth become more than a landfill for death?
QUANTUM SILENCE is dark, its characters the products of the hard-scrabble existence they now live. Reconnect with the little boy who was sent from Exilon 5, now almost grown, with the heart of a warrior as he befriends the Indigene, Isobel and unites the underground resistance and uncovers the secrets that could change the tide of life on Earth.

Once again, Ms. Green has amazed me with her ability to build a world that causes reality to fade away and a hideous dystopia to surround me. Feel the tension of fear, smell it in the tainted air, become part of those who would risk their lives for strangers, a rare commodity in a world forced to survive on sheer grit alone. This time out, Eliza Green has replaced the high energy science fiction with high stress as she flips the coin and tells the gut-wrenching tale of those who were left behind or returned to an abandoned and used up world. This is why I love to read, there is always an author whose gift fuels my imagination and keeps me on the edge of my seat, just like Eliza Green has done, again.

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