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Sea Glass and Sand Memories by Marsha A. Moore

Sea Glass and Sand Memories
by Marsha A. Moore

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: July 15, 2013
Publisher: Marsha A. Moore
Genre: Paranormal Romance Short
Print Length: 23 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Looking forward to a relaxing week at a Lake Michigan coastal resort, Kate finds much more than the picturesque dunes she intends to paint. Adventures start when her requested room is switched beside an unusual couple—a witch and her lover, a ghost.

During Kate’s stay, the handsome ghost, Anson, tries to ensnare her into helping him escape the malevolent witch who took his life. She enslaved his spirit and holds him captive on the property of his mother’s resort. Anson wins Kate’s heart and loyalty, but is that enough to set him free?

 Sea Glass and Sand Memories by Marsha A. Moore

Sea Glass and Sand MemoriesMarsha A. Moore shows again that good things come in small packages! From the beautiful title that evokes a feeling of something beyond the norm to the wonderful way she has written her tale, SEA GLASS AND SAND MEMORIES paints a beautiful picture of the scenery, the atmosphere and brings the characters to light almost as if they are behind a veil of “otherness.”

For one woman, searching for solitude and beauty, this seaside trip became an emotional journey into the paranormal, a journey that, although short on words, will connect with readers, although leaving knowing there is more to this tale that deserves to be told, although sometimes our own imaginations can make up the rest of the story…

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