Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Shadow Wings by Anna Holloway (Saga of The Guardians)

Shadow Wings
by Anna Holloway
My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: June 20, 2017
Publisher: Anna Holloway
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 170 pages
Available from: Amazon
 Myra Dean thought she escaped the tragedy that pushed her to the new town. However, when her boss' son rides in on his Harley, she finds herself wondering who he truly was. Was he the man of her dreams or was it his motorcycle brother, the golden eyed detective who melts her heart?
Cross and Blaze come from two different backgrounds but their duty is to protect Myra. She was born with the blood of two different species running through her veins making her a target for the demon, Malach. With the taste of her blood, he can do what no other demon could do, return to heaven.
Will Cross and Blaze figure out how to control their jealousy over Myra so they can protect her or will she have to save them instead?

 Shadow Wings by Anna Holloway  

She was running from tragedy and the new town she landed in seemed safe. But Myra’s dreams seemed to have followed her when her new boss’s son comings roaring up on his Harley looking dangerous, delicious and far too familiar. But he is not the only star of her molten dreams, there is the handsome detective who worked on the homicide case that sent her running. How have they walked out of her dreams and into her life?

Cross and Blaze are not ordinary men, neither are human and both claim Myra as their mate, and only Myra is clueless as to who and what she really is. But the time is coming when Myra’s “powers” will awaken. She will need all the protection she can get, she will need a mate willing to share their life’s blood as well as risk their very lives against a demon determined to taste the sweet nectar and feel the magic her blood holds, and Malach will stop at nothing to have her.

Will Cross and Blaze be strong enough to learn to share the woman they are bound to protect? Will they overcome their possessiveness to feed her the strength they have? Are they ready to take out Malach before it is too late or will Myra, a creature of mixed blood, a rarity in the world of the paranormal find the strength needed for the three of them to survive?

Anna Holloway’s SHADOW WINGS proves there is always room for more danger, mystery and romance in the supernatural world. Three souls bound together, one unaware of the powers that lay below the surface, just waiting to awaken. Ms. Holloway has done a good job building a world where three beings find romance and need, shared passion and even some humorous moments as the awkwardness of sharing one female between two very male alphas becomes all too apparent.

Is Myra the classic heroine who is clueless? Yes and no, she isn’t a hardcore warrior, and she isn’t easy to accept who she has become, but she certainly learned the whole mate bounding thing quickly, as well as sharing her affections between Cross and Blaze.

A nice start to a new series, one that I hope will bring more depth and detail with each volume.

I received an ARC edition from Anna Holloway in exchange for my honest review.

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