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Spell Caster by Leah Hamrick

Spell Caster
by Leah Hamrick

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Solstice Publishing - Summer Solstice Imprint (April 2, 2017)
Publication Date: April 2, 2017
Genre: Short Story Collection - Paranormal
Print Length: 99 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Three paranormal short stories. One sweet, one dark, one fun. Which one will be your favorite?

Love Caster: There is nothing greater than pure, sweet love, and that’s something Anna Bowden knows all about. While trying to get the courage to kiss her boyfriend Killian, she has to deal with her overbearing dad, who will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

In the Darkness: After Anna Bowden witnesses someone—or something—lurking in her backyard, it starts a chain of frightening events that leads to a gruesome discovery.

First Holiday: Featuring the characters from Frost On My Pillow—be prepared for a sweet, fun, wild ride. While Ethan gives Lyla—who has never celebrated Christmas before— the task of finding out the true meaning of the holiday, he surreptitiously tries to tell her how he really feels, but before that can occur, a lot of decorating and snowball fights has to happen!

 Spell Caster by Leah Hamrick

Spell CasterEvery author has their style and Leah Hamrick knows how to bring real, live teens to life, from their attitudes to their dialogue to those little things they may try to sneak past Mom and Dad.

Anna Bowden stars in both Love Caster and In the Darkness. This girl felt alive, contemporary and sooooo teenager-ish, forget the fact she is a witch, because although her stories contains some magic and even a demon or two, Anna is that character that comes to life.

Leah Hamrick’s SPELL CASTER is a tale of three stories, each quick reading, each well-done and each a fresh look at magic-users and the world they share with powers of both good and evil.

Back to Leah Hamrick’s talent for creating completely believable characters, events and scenes! A visit inside Anna’s mind is priceless, although the swirling chaos that is her mind will leave anyone over thirty, just a little tired and just a little out of breath. Anna is a witch, and she would do anything to be with her boyfriend, Killian, even if it means abusing her magic and sneaking out of the house! Killian is the epitome of kindness and patience only found in a true boyfriend and together they make a wonderful young couple in the youthful flower of love.

Something, dark and evil is lurking in Anna’s backyard and when she and her grandmother discover what it is, it may take the power of a goddess to save the day!

Ethan and Lyla’s story is centered around Christmas, the power of love and the magic of the season as Lyla takes part in her first ever Christmas and Ethan tries to make it everything she could ever want.

Cute and fresh, no major angst, great dialogue, just-right morsels to chew on one tale at a time.

I received this copy from Leah Hamrick in exchange for my honest review.

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