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Succubus: Shadows of the Beast by Leonard D. Hilley II (Nocturnal Trinity Book 1)

Succubus: Shadows of the Beast
by Leonard D. Hilley II

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Nocturnal Trinity - Book 1
Publisher: Nocturnal Trinity Press; 1 edition (May 11, 2015)
Publication Date: May 11, 2015
Genre: Dark Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 550 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

 Entering the real world after college often educates one to the true horrors of the harsh obstacles life has to offer. For Kailey Yates the discoveries are far more terrifying and dangerous. Two days before she graduated with a degree in investigative journalism, her brother Vincent is found dead in his swimming pool with a syringe stuck in his arm. His death is ruled as a suicide, but Kailey doesn't buy it.

She suspects Vincent's new wife Cassie is the one who actually killed him. Her suspicions are drawn from his rapid health deterioration during his short six month marriage. During one of her last Skype conversations she had with Vincent, Kailey's roommate Raven witnesses their conversation and immediately senses that Vincent is being soul-drained by a succubus. Since Raven is a witch, Kailey has no doubt about her friend's perception and concludes that Cassie must be the demon responsible.

Kailey leaves Boston and flies to Seattle for her brother's funeral. While there she investigates the circumstance surrounding his death. She uncovers dark information that leads her to Nocturnal Trinity, a nightclub in the heart of Seattle. And worse, the underground club is run by a powerful alliance of vampires, demons, and witches that wish to protect Cassie at all costs, which includes killing Kailey or anyone else if necessary.

Succubus: Shadows of the Beast by Leonard D. Hilley II
(Nocturnal Trinity Book 1)

Succubus: Shadows of the Beast (Nocturnal Trinity Book 1)Kailey found herself on the dark side of the street the day she learned her brother committed suicide. As a freshly minted investigative journalist, Kailey refuses to believe Vincent would kill himself, in spite of the police report. He had recently married, was successful and had everything to live for and his new bride wasn’t acting the part of the grieving widow, but more like a cat on the prowl for her next unsuspecting mouse. Could she actually be a murderer? Raven says yes, she witnessed Vincent being drained of his soul by the woman he loved, as if she were a succubus.

Determined to discover the truth, Kailey will find herself entering a dark world where things that go bump in the night are real…and it may cost her very life as she follows the clues that lead her to the Nocturnal Trinity, a hot spot where the lines of unsuspecting humans line up to become fodder for creatures of nightmares, myths and legends.

Kailey will be threatened, outed and toyed with by those with powers far beyond a normal human, creatures who really do exist. One thing Kailey never expected to find was a possible romance with her roommate Raven, a witch who will help her stay alive long enough to uncover the truth.

Leonard D Hilley II’s Succubus: Shadows of the Beast is filled with the curiosity and dogged determination of one girl caught in a nightmare of epic proportions. The writing is strong and Mr. Hilley knows how to create an atmosphere of gloom and danger, even as his main character finds unlikely allies along the way, as well as a rather abrupt epiphany that her lesbian roommate may be more than just her best friend.

I was fascinated with how this plot unfolded and the turns it took on its journey to the end, but I had trouble with some of the side plots, such as Kailey’s relationship-not relationship with Raven. It was as if Mr. Hilley didn’t quite want to own his own twist and I became distracted from a fabulous tale in the making watching the focus shift to an unbelievable romance. Other than that, I have to hand to this author for nearly forcing me to keep the lights on at night!

I received this copy from Leonard D. Hilley II in exchange for my honest review.

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