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Symphony Of Fates by J.C. Kang (The Dragon Songs Saga #4)

Symphony Of Fates
by J.C. Kang

Saga: The Dragon Songs Saga - Book 4
Publication Date: April 7, 2017
Publisher: J.C. Kang
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Print Length: 616 pages
Available from: Amazon

Kaiya escapes her ordeal at the hands of the Teleri Emperor, only to return to a homeland beset by enemies on all sides, and crumbling from within.

As a teenager, she quelled a rebellion with the Dragon Scale Lute. As a young adult, she vanquished a dragon with the power of her voice.

Now, robbed of her magic by grief, Kaiya must navigate a web of court intrigue to save the realm before it falls. Only she can lay claim to the Dragon Throne on behalf of her unborn sons—whether the father is the lover who perished rescuing her, or the hated enemy who killed him.

In the final story in Kaiya’s saga, she must rally a nation, repel invaders, and prove to the world why her family alone holds the Mandate of Heaven.

Symphony Of Fates by J.C. Kang (The Dragon Songs Saga #4)

Symphony Of Fates (The Dragon Songs Saga #4)Each addition to this saga gets more enthralling, more action-packed, more emotionally engaging and just MORE of everything great reading should be! J.C. Kang’s world is mesmerizing, terrifying, devious and filled with heroic deeds of selflessness, deeds of inner strength, all happening in a world that is both vibrant and soulful.

Political machinations, magical powers, legends and minds twisted by power, using the masses as fodder to push their agendas and feed their greed. Through it all, one young girl grows into a woman of honor, love and loyalty, destined to change her world and be the force that empowers the battle against evil.

Who will fall to treachery and who will rise with Kaiya? SYMPHONY OF FATES brings a glorious end to an amazing journey through the four books in the Dragon Songs Saga. As Kaiya struggles with her own losses and her shielded voice, she is forced to grow from within, and rely on herself and those around her to regain the trust and respect of her people, the very ones she has given her all to save, the very ones who have turned their backs on her torment when she needed them most.

J.C. Kang has taken the turmoil of each previous installment and used them to stoke the fires of this powerful conclusion. See fantasy through the eyes of a storyteller whose world is equal parts beautiful and tortured. Witness the healing his pen provides and find yourself reluctant to leave, waiting for just one more page.

I received this copy from J.C. Kang in exchange for my honest review!

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