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The Blue Curtain by L G Metcalf

The Blue Curtain
by L G Metcalf

My rating: 3 stars

Publisher: Moleyco Press (May 23, 2017)
Publication Date: May 23, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 314 pages
Available from: Amazon

Devastated by her father's brutal murder, seventeen-year-old Emily Bliss is determined to find his killers, even after everyone else has given up. As Emily attempts to follow their trail, she encounters a mysterious stranger at a party. Beneath his handsome looks, physical prowess, vast wealth, intimidating presence and hypnotizing eyes, she can sense that he is tormented by demons that she cannot yet fathom. Soon Emily is shocked yet thrilled to realize that she is falling uncontrollably in love with him to the point of obsession and that she is willing say or do anything to make him stay. But an early birthday gift Emily's father left for her has revealed secrets about her life, buried centuries ago, that will hurl her into a dark underworld that she never dreamed existed and point to a great destiny awaiting her, if only she can survive long
enough to seize it...

  The Blue Curtain by L G Metcalf

The Blue CurtainTwo stories, one begun centuries before, will come together in a contemporary paranormal tale that includes, aliens, vampires, magic and more. THE BLUE CURTAIN by G.L. Metcalf blazes open with feudal wars for control and power as one young man threatens the current ruler in an effort to gain more for his father’s own lands. Acting on his own, he unknowingly unleashed the wrath of war on his land and his family. As he lay dying in his own blood, a cloaked figure appears from the haze and one young warrior will have eternity to grieve for his losses and the mistakes he has made.

Seventeen-year-old Emily is told by the father who she sees as selfishly never having time for her, ticking off his flaws, faults and weaknesses, that her next birthday present is hidden in a special place. Not being able to wait the ten months until her birthday, Emily opens the very large package to discover an old desk. When her father is brutally murdered, the desk she once thought a thoughtless gift will be the tool to open new worlds, hidden secrets and who she really is.

G.L. Metcalf shot out of the gate like a warhorse, solid, fascinating, and full of intrigue and even heartache. Truly a wonderful fantasy in the making with a hero who has faced the devastation of his youthful inexperience. Flash to contemporary times and young Emily and something happened that never meshed. Gone was the hero and in his place, is a whiny and selfish teen and a series of pages that tell every single thing, rather than allow me to imagine and believe. Even as Emily learns of her own powers and history she fails to earn my respect as a heroine.

I applaud this author’s historical fantasy storytelling, it was five star magic for me, but from that point on, I guess my expectations were not met. Not necessarily the fault of the author, but even the ensuing twists and turns, as well as any connections between the two tales couldn’t invite me back into a story I couldn’t use my own imagination to live in.

I received this copy from L.G. Metcalf in exchange for my honest review.

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