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The Hunted (Sleeping with Monsters Book 2) by Cassie Alexander

The Hunted
by Cassie Alexander

My rating: 3 stars

Series: Sleeping with Monsters - Book 2
Publisher: Argus Industrial (February 11, 2016)
Publication Date: February 11, 2016
Genre: Dark Paranormal Romance
Print Length: 178 pages
Available from: Amazon

The second stand alone novel in the Sleeping with Monsters series, about strong women and the monsters they love --

As a call girl, Samantha never hoped for a happily ever after until she met Vincent. It didn’t matter that he was a mobster, for seven years their life was perfect – then he was betrayed and brutally gunned down by other members of the family. Now she’s on the run for her life, and the only thing she has to remember Vincent by is a silver locket with the phone number of a stranger folded inside – that leads her straight into the arms of Vincent’s werewolf ex-boyfriend.

The Hunted (Sleeping with Monsters Book 2)
by Cassie Alexander

The Hunted (Sleeping With Monsters #2)Samantha was a call girl with little hope for real love until the mobster Vincent made her his. Now Vincent is gone, a victim of the life he led. Armed only with a mysterious phone number that leads her to Vincent’s ex-boyfriend, Max, mountain man and werewolf.

Enter a world of revenge, betrayal and darkness where sex, violence and chaos are the commodities of trade. THE HUNTED by Cassie Alexander is a mash up of the paranormal and mild BDSM, laced together in a quest for revenge for the lover the two main characters have lost.

While explicit and heated, the sex was not passionate, and there didn’t appear to be a real romance happening. Both Samantha and Max seemed more enamored with the revenge they seek for the ghost of Vincent that seems to haunt them both.

Not quite what I thought it would be, not quite as free-flowing as I would have liked, but definitely a standalone that read well without having read the rest of the series. Revenge is understandable, but it was the driving force that cemented this couple and for me, it didn’t’ seem to be a strong foundation to build their assumed mate connection.

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