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The Nightwalkers by J.A. Kahn

The Nightwalkers
by J.A. Kahn

Series: Vincent Wong Mystery - Book 1
Publication Date: May 11, 2017
Publisher: J.A. Kahn
Genre: Horrific Humor
Print Length: 288 pages
Available from: Amazon

Murder. Intrigue. Misfortune. Cover-up.

A spate of horrific murders has left the residents of Hampshire’s New Forest terrified and vulnerable. The police are utterly clueless as to who might be responsible. Each kill site they uncover is clean, with not a drop of blood anywhere. There's not even a finger or footprint to investigate, nor a clue to follow. The police appear to be chasing shadows.

Enter Vincent Wong and his trusty friends who plan to catch the killers. These lively young boys have a dream, they want to solve the mystery and become national heroes and celebrities. But after witnessing one of the gruesome murders firsthand the gang soon realizes that far from helping the police, they have become their prime suspects.

Their only other problem - they are also being hunted by the real killers as well...

The Nightwalkers by J.A. Kahn
The NightwalkersWho is after whom and who is bungling a perfectly fascinating investigation and while we’re at it, what is really going on? Someone is responsible for a gruesome murder spree that has the citizens of New Forest afraid of their own shadows and fearing for their very lives. Even the police are clueless, okay, seriously, one officer in particular is totally clueless and not having any clues is not helping. It may take a group of clever, yet clueless young boys to unravel the mystery of these grizzly murders, but can they do so before they are chased by both the mysterious killers and the local police?

Vincent and his friends were having a camp-out, but from the shadows came the hungry growling and howling and death. Do they report what they witnessed? Do they cover up what they know and carry on? Will the police believe their story of monsters or will they be written off as overzealous or even as possible suspects? How do they stay one step ahead of a bumbling detective who is looking for an easy solution that is politically positive AND one step ahead of the mystery shadow monsters out to silence them forever?

Who are THE NIGHTWALKERS and where did they come from? Enter the sometimes scary, sometimes “Keystone cops” world of J.A. Kahn and follow Vincent and his gang as they go from amateur sleuths looking to be famous to prime suspects and prime targets in an otherworldly game of death.

J.A. Kahn takes terror to a new level and police procedurals to a new low in this dark, yet sometimes comical tale of death as the hounds from Hell lead the law and Vincent on a twisted chase that will have them tripping over each other, an event I place squarely on the shoulders of the law. Extremely entertaining and clever writing that borders on dizzying at times!

I received this copy from J.A. Kahn in exchange for my honest review.


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