Monday, June 12, 2017

The Taste of Her Words by Candace Knoebel

The Taste Of Her Words
by Candace Knoebel

My rating: 5 stars

 Andrea was my first taste of love.

She was there throughout my childhood and into adulthood. Her words were a secret I wasn’t supposed to know. Truths and pain bled onto papers that shredded my innocence and carved a hole in my heart only she could fill.

Her words were my first kiss. They were the uneven breaths I took when I saw her, and my hands between her thighs inside the dreams she haunted. She was my best friend’s older sister and, even though she didn’t know it yet, she was the pen that would ink our destiny into the stars.

Dean tempted me to cross a line I never thought I would.

It had been so long since someone looked at me the way he did. Five years since his starry gaze caressed my words and I ran from a kiss I couldn’t shake. He was everything I should stay away from, but how could I resist the beautifully broken man whose touch stoked a fire within my soul?

Dean was the missing words to my fairy tale. The parchment I could safely put my most intimate thoughts to. But when secrets from the past catch up with us, how could our perfectly plotted ending survive?

The Taste of Her Words by Candace Knoebel

Dean always had a “thing” for his best friend’s older sister, but the Guy Code and the fact that Andy was a few years older made any chance he had with her mission impossible, until that one kiss….

The years have passed and Andy’s life isn’t a Fairy Tale, except for her young son, it could be considered a horror story, but her words, her thoughts and her dreams became her strength when things got hard. Andy dreamed of using her words to create new worlds for people to enter and be swept away form reality, if only for a while. When her son’s father becomes the villain of every waking moment and Andy has been beaten down by a harsh mother and the brother from Hell, it is Dean, who comes back into her life that lights a spark in her heart next to the torch that her son owns. But she holds back for as long as she can as Dean, the full-grown man wise beyond his years stands before her, willing to be her support, her ally, her lover.

Time has no limits on love and two damaged souls dance around the words they long to say, the feelings they try to withhold until it is almost too late. Candace Knoebel’s THE TASTE OF HER WORDS is deeply moving, painful, heartwarming and at times, a nightmare from hell. Ms. Knoebel has poured more beauty into her words than I have read in a romance in so long, this went straight to my soul, like the poetry of life. Witness as Andy grows, endures and finally tries to stand up to the twisted machinations of a monster trying to control her very breath and beat down any sense of worth she has.

Feel the love that pours off the pages, the passions and the turmoil that roils within the pages of Ms. Knoebel’s tale, and find yourself looking for the light at the end of tunnel that marks a new beginning. Wonderful writing to be savored and felt.

I received this copy from Candace Knoebel in exchange for my honest review.

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