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To Win Her Smile by Mackenzie Crowne (Players, #5)

To Win Her Smile
by Mackenzie Crowne

Series: Players - Book 5
Publisher: Lyrical Shine (July 18, 2017)
Publication Date: July 18, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

When sultry British Baroness Piper Darrow falls on desperate times, she needs a diversion—and cash. As a talented photographer, she jumps at the chance to travel to the U.S. for a Manhattan Marauders football event. But she gets more than she bargained for when buff quarterback Wyatt Hunter’s errant pass lands…in her face. And when it results in Wyatt’s comeback of a lifetime, the superstitious athlete is convinced Piper is his good luck charm . . .

With his sights on the Super Bowl, Wyatt will do anything necessary to keep Piper close. The fact that she’s a feast for the eyes is a bonus. And as they get closer, he discovers that beneath her proper English surface is a sweet, sexy seductress. Soon the notorious playboy finds himself genuinely smitten, and surprisingly open to love—until his powerful family uncovers something about Piper that threatens to shatter his trust. Now he’ll have to decide whether to team up with his fears, or his heart.

To Win Her Smile by Mackenzie Crowne (Players, #5)

To Win Her Smile (Players, #5)Desperate times call for desperate measures…but the British stiff upper lip makes it difficult for the Baroness Piper Darrow to allow anyone too close to the reality that is her life. Beautiful, titled, rich in ways that define a person, yet broke financially, Piper clutches at the chance for a paycheck that will help her save the land she holds dear. On the eve of losing her home, her heart and her legacy, Piper will use her talent as a photographer to capture a Marauders football event for posterity.

Marauder Wyatt Hunter needs a lucky charm to recapture his quarterbacking mojo…and then they connected, or rather Wyatt’s pass connected with Piper’s nose and his “A” game is back. Now Wyatt will do anything to keep his lucky charm around with the Super Bowl in sight, because even big, bad quarterbacks can be superstitious! He thought cost was no object, but little did he know what he stood to lose.

So, let’s do the math: One hot jock + one cool goddess + one big secret + the unknown factor = another love story that only Mackenzie Crowne could write! TO WIN HER SMILE is a journey through the hearts, minds and pride of two people who can’t just wave the flag of surrender and take the plunge, no matter how much they may want to! Why not? In part, Wyatt just happens to come from big money and hard-hitting politics and Piper has kept her lofty title a secret from him, due to her empty coffers. She also hides the true warmth of the woman she is when she retreats to her own world across the “pond.”

Once burned, twice shy, when Wyatt learns of Piper’s true heritage, as well as her circumstances, he is blinded to the woman who has rocked his world in every way. Yep, man angst is an ugly animal that will cost him is happiness, heart and the woman he loves. Will he become just a bad memory for Piper as she struggles to save her legacy?

Mackenzie Crowne has nailed two hearts with the precision of Cupid, separated them with the barbed wire of doubt, not to mention a rather large ocean, doing so with some heartwarming moments and some cold-hearted interference, all while holding me captive to every word! Take the bittersweet plunge into one of her best stories yet as the scoreboard ticks down the final seconds for love.

I received an ARC edition from Mackenzie Crowne and Kensington Books in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. OMG I love this! Hell, I love all your reviews, because let's face it. You're a review wordsmith. And I'm stoked as all get out you enjoyed my words and vision for Wyatt and Piper. :-)