Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vigilante by Jessica Gadziala

by Jessica Gadziala

Publication Date: June 16, 2017
Publisher: Jessica Gadziala
Genre: Dark, Erotic Romance
Print Length: 245 pages
Available from: Amazon
* A new stand-alone dark romance from bestselling author Jessica Gadziala. *

I’m a bad guy.
I do bad things.
But I do them for the right reasons.
That’s why I can sleep easy at night even with the smell of fresh blood still in my nostrils.
One more scumbag off the streets.
One more righting of a wrong.
That was all my life was about.
Until I came across her…

* For possible triggers, please visit my website and find the "triggers" tab from the main navigation bar and click on the "stand alones" section.

 Vigilante by Jessica Gadziala

VigilanteExactly how does Jessica Gadziala turn characters who dance across the dark side of life, into knee-weakening heroes of dream fantasies? Yeah, yeah, call me a cougar, but Luce is, um, well, kinda hot, like sunspots are hot, or maybe hotter... I mean, what is NOT to like about a man who is self-sufficient, brilliant, pays attention to details and knows how to clean up his own mess, not to mention he is dedicated to righting the wrongs of the world and protect the weak from the monsters who stalk them?

VILGILANTE is a slightly different journey to Navesink Bank where one more of its less than saint-worthy residents and a woman on a mission to avenge her father’s murder discover truths, trust and passion together…and oh, the passion…and the danger they find.

She was beautiful and exotic. Evan’s father had protected her, fed her, taught her about his version of life and she lived in the bubble he created for her. He was the man he wanted her to see. Now she wants to know the truth about her father’s murder before she takes her revenge, but what Luce tells her muddies the waters of her resolve and sets them both on a journey that will open Evan’s eyes and both of their hearts to new possibilities and inner healing.

How did Ms. Gadziala convince me that just maybe, once again, there is more to life than meets the eye? She is an author who writes from the heart, damn the consequences and turns even a VIGILANTE into a hero.

I received an ARC edition from Jessica Gadziala in exchange for my honest review.

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