Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Mind to Kill by John Nicholl

A Mind To Kill 
by John Nicholl
Publication Date: August 5, 2017
Publisher: John Nicholl
Genre: Thriller
Print Length: 227 pages
Available: Amazon

They kill innocence. She wants revenge.

When Rebecca’s childhood abuser escapes justice it sets her on a path to revenge. Revenge on any man who preys on the innocent.

A Mind to Kill by John Nicholl

A Mind To KillTo a child, they are monsters who bring pain, steal their innocence and shatter their cocoon of security. Rebecca was a victim of child abuse and molestation and the man who would haunt her nightmares the rest of her life dodged the justice he deserved. Rebecca is all grown up now and her mind still rages for the injustice she suffers.

Now someone has become an avenger and lulls the monsters into their web and a deadly bloodbath of pain, torture and finally death. Justice will be swerved to the abusers. The children will be avenged, but will this vigilante stop at the monsters or is the legal systems and its puppets also to blame?

DI Gareth Gravel is the quintessential hard-boiled cop. Gruff, a little crude, plowing through legalities like a bull in a china shop, he must find the common denominator for the grizzly murders and mutilations that are terrorizing the citizens. What Gravel uncovers will take him back to his days as a young officer and the little girl he failed, but in doing so, not only will he solve the case from hell, it may cost him his life.

John Nicholl’s A MIND TO KILL is a taut detective thriller built around an emotionally charged nightmare and one of society’s most reviled crimes. Follow the clues, witness the slow implosion of one killer’s mind as they seek their own brand of justice for all the innocents.
Gritty, dark and often gruesome, Mr. Nicholl holds no quarter against telling his tale with brute force and blunt prose. Brilliant, emotionally charged story telling that will leave readers on their edge of their seats until the very last page.

I receive an ARC edition from John Nicholl in exchange for my honest review.

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