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Archangel Errant by Elizabeth Corrigan ( Earthbound Angels, #3)

Archangel Errant
by Elizabeth Corrigan

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Series: Earthbound Angels - Book 3
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC (August 9, 2017)
Publication Date: August 9, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 198 pages
Available from: Amazon

Divine intervention isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Gabriel didn’t expect his return to Heaven to be filled with trumpets and celebration, but he thought he would do more than sit at Michael’s side, listening to endless catalogs of unfulfilled prayers. He’s tried blending into every aspect of Heavenly life, but he can’t help but feel that the constantly praying Faithful and flower-dispensing Handmaidens lack the motivation to do any true good in the world. Some days, he longs for nothing more than to return to Earth and tell his beloved Cassia how he feels about her.

When Heaven is suddenly attacked, all the angels become trapped in their own nightmares. With Michael gone on an angelic mission, Gabriel must rally the remaining seraphim to rouse the sleeping angels and discover who seeks to take the agents of Heaven out of the celestial battle. All fingers point to Bedlam, but Gabriel can’t believe the ex-demon would threaten his salvation so soon after gaining it.

With few people he trusts, Gabriel must rely on all the lessons he learned on Earth to save Heaven, Bedlam, and maybe even himself.

Archangel Errant by Elizabeth Corrigan
( Earthbound Angels, #3)

Archangel Errant (Earthbound Angels, #3)Angelic beings, powerful, ethereal, and, well, heavenly, right? Not if you are an angel, Earthbound or not, created by Elizabeth Corrigan! ARCHANGEL ERRANT is the archangel Gabriel’s story, or rather what happens when he is returned to Heaven and all hell breaks loose.

Gabriel is summoned back to heaven, but he never expected to be the prayer secretary. Not that prayers aren’t important, it’s just that maybe someone should be answering them, maybe? They say you can’t go home and Gabriel is now the square peg in the round Heavenly world pegboard. Maybe he should have been left on Earth where he found love?

Little did he know he would need to rally the angelic troops against a mysterious evil when his brethren fall into a world of their worst nightmares, one they cannot awake from. Gabriel did want a more meaningful role, but this is far beyond anything he could ever imagine.

Angels with attitudes, deadly blades, some warriors, some not and everyone has an idea of how things should be done. Elizabeth Corrigan’s angels have snark, bold moves and sticky romantic entanglements, just like us mere mortals! It just may be his own contact with mortals that will save the day for Heaven, if he can get everyone to play nice.

A quick read filled with great dialogue, action and one Archangel in over his head. Elizabeth Corrigan’s angels are definitely NOT the angels we grew up knowing!

I received an ARC edition from Red Adept in exchange for my honest review.

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