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Demon's Mark by T.F. Walsh (Hell Unleashed Book 2)

Demon's Mark
by T.F. Walsh
Series: Hell Unleashed - Book 2
Publication Date: August 1, 2017
Publisher: T.F. Walsh
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Print Length: 299 pages
Available from: Amazon
As a half-demon, Cary has survived a lot... but this love thing might be her undoing.

Levi Walker, master demon hunter, is on a mission to find the demon bastard who killed his best friend. As he finally tracks down the beast, he's suddenly distracted by the newest Argos recruit - the sexy vixen who also broke his heart - and the battle takes a deadly turn. Now with the recruit in the beast's sights, both she and Levi are instantly marked for death.

If Cary Stone's secret is revealed (she's a demon half-breed, after all), she'll be thrown straight into Hell. After a lifetime following her father's advice - never let anyone get close, never stay too long in one city, and ALWAYS work alone - in the past year she's broken all the rules.

Not only did she get a job hunting demons, she also fell in love with the most badass hunter of them all. Oh and, if things weren't interesting enough, she managed to grab the top spot on the hit list of the biggest mercenary in Hell. Yeah, shit just got real.

Please note, Demon's Mark has been previously published in the Dark Legends Boxed set.
 Demon's Mark by T.F. Walsh (Hell Unleashed Book 2) 

Demon's Mark (Hell Unleashed, #2)Never fall for a master Demon Hunter if you are a half-demon, trust me, and talk about awkward, or heck, let’s just say it - deadly! Just Ask Cary Stone, the newbie at Argos, the demon hunting headquarters. Sure, she is a badass in her own right, she is one heck of a demon hunter, and she doesn’t even use the normal demon hunting gear… for obvious reasons, it would not work out too well for a half-breed demon trying not to be outed.

Levi Walker, master demon hunter, all around badass and as sizzling hot as holy water on a demon’s flesh, he and Cary had a thing, or a fling and the last thing Cary could do was let him know who or what she was, so, she just walked out after the night neither would ever forget. Now they are forced to work as a team and the passion still runs fever hot and now Levi is pulling the “man” card and trying to protect the woman he cares for and they are both marked for demonic possession and a one way ticket to the underworld.

Exactly how will Cary save them both without exposing herself for the “monster” she is? Things look bad for our heroine as both her heart and her soul are destined for the torments of Hell.
T.F. Walsh is back and DEMON’S MARK is on the menu if you love some attitude, humor, passion and a battle or two with demons! Once again, Ms. Walsh has created characters you love to love, heat, turmoil and, oh yes, secrets, dark and danger secrets that should never see the light of day!

Who knew Ann Arbor, Michigan was such a hotbed for dirty, deadly, demonic deeds? Definitely one of her best reads, not too heavy, thanks to her sense of wry humor, not too light, thanks to her sense of romance and not easy to put down until that final page!

I received an ARC edition from T.F. Walsh. Darn straight I am going to read and review!

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