Thursday, July 20, 2017

First Words: Final Lesson by Shakyra Dunn

First Words: Final Lesson
by Shakyra Dunn
Publication Date: July 12, 2017
Publisher: Shakyra Dunn
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 85 pages
Available from: Amazon

A recently-crowned princess with a thirst for magic accidently destroys her home. A simple youthful rebellion grows into a lifelong friendship. A young woman meets reliable allies. And a young boy is dealt a harsh hand when he sets out to make his own path.

Four tales. Four parties. All intertwined to set the stage for a bigger event. The sense of adventure builds as lessons prepare to be learned.

First Words: Final Lesson by Shakyra Dunn

First Words: Final LessonShakyra Dunn has set the stage for some fascinating fantasy reading with FIRST WORDS: FINAL LESSON by brilliantly weaving four lives together with the events that will lead them to their destiny.

What a prequel! A young girl is made “princess” in a land who opposes magic, yet she is given a grimoire filled with lessons in just that. Encouraged by a mysterious stranger to try out her ability, she destroys her home, her people and in turn, destroys her mind. It is her older brother who takes her away to learn to control her powers, even as he prepares for his own magical journey in the world.

As a young prince in another land steals away in a childlike act of harmless rebellion, he befriends a young stranger in tears, a boy lost, yet with a fiery passion and loyalty that will build a bond between them.

These are just a few pieces of the puzzle that Shakyra Dunn has begun putting together for her readers, and it will whet the appetites of readers perfectly! Short, yet filled with vivid characters, all youthful and untried, I couldn’t help but think that we will be reading of their personal and magical coming of age as this series progresses! Colorful, emotionally charged and wonderfully written, even the dialogue felt like it was spoken by young adults! I am looking forward to more from this gem of an author!

I received this copy from Shakyra Dunn in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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