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Murder in Wizard's Wood by Michael J. Allen (Bittergate #1)

Murder in Wizard's Wood
by Michael J. Allen

Series: Bittergate - Book 1
Publisher: Delirious Scribbles Ink (July 19, 2016)
Publication Date: July 19, 2016
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 374 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
For centuries, southern peanut farmer Jedediah Shine has protected secret preserves of Wild Fey from humanity. He’s shielded modern humanity from bloodthirsty Fey. Unknown factions from both are dropping fresh corpses on his lawn, leaving Jedediah holding the body bags.

A vengeful mercenary company resurrect an ancient blood feud. Forewarned against direct action, the Namhaid orchestrate a subtle plot pitting the wizard against law enforcement agencies. Rebellious young centaurs challenge borders guarded by the wizard to keep them hidden. They unleash a genocidal war on humanity and the Guardians keeping them caged. Unwitting pawns of a deeper menace, both serve a greater plot to rob Jedediah of magic’s deepest secret.

Woods filled with murder victims vie for Jedediah’s attention against a jealous elven ex-lover and Jedediah’s new, seemingly reincarnated girlfriend. Two out-of-control teenage sorceresses and a Cherry Coke addicted dragonling further complicate Jedediah’s attempts to root out the mysterious murderers.

A Federal manhunt leaves Jedediah’s charges unprotected. Centaurs attack his foster daughter. A rogue Namhaid agent takes the fight to Jedediah, intent to carve a reputation from the wizard’s corpse. His assault nearly kills the young dragonling, putting Jedediah on its mother’s dinner menu.

In order to protect his loved ones and the Golden Gate to magic’s source, Jedediah must stop the Namhaid, clear his name and avoid ending up a snack. When all seems lost, a seemingly desperate enemy offers Jedediah a key to unraveling all. Could it merely be the bait on the most sinister trap yet? Does he have a choice? What will it cost to stop the murders in his wood?  

Murder in Wizard's Wood by Michael J. Allen (Bittergate #1)
Murder in Wizard's Wood (Bittergate #1)Looks like Michael J. Allen knows something about creating a fantasy that has all the elements one would expect and MORE! MURDER IN WIZARD’S WOOD is a fun and chaotic tale starring one 400+ year-old wizard accused of several murders and his uphill battle to prove his innocence. What, not unique enough for you? How about adding the fact that Jedediah is, to the normal CONTEMPORARY world, a good ole peanut farmer in the South? No knights in shining armor to be found anywhere, but you will find a dragonling who is hooked on Cherry Coke, his royal mother, and a host of sometimes quirky, sometimes evil, fantasy creatures freshened up with this author’s own take.

Jedediah is being framed and the human world has no idea how he is, so how can he tell them? It seems bodies are dropping all around him, children are being kidnapped and this often snarky and crotchety farmer is suspect number one. But there is more to this wizard than meets the paranormal eye, besides his vast power. Under his wickedly powerful wizard fa├žade is a soft-hearted guy willing to take a chance on the unwanted, the difficult and the inexperienced magic makers who cross his path. And, he does all this while straddling both the human and magical worlds, being a suspect with the police and trying to find the evil group bent on ending his long, long life. He may find he needs a little help from both his friends and enemies alike, because the secrets he is protecting is bigger than all of them...but its his job and somebody has to do it.

Enjoy this wild fantasy ride filled with humor, mayhem, heart and murder as one wizard straddle the line between normal humans and a myriad of magical creatures. Michael J. Allen has something for everyone from suspense lovers to romantics. And those of you allergic to peanuts? I think you’re safe.

I received this copy from Michael J. Allen and it was a pleasure to read and review!


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