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Order of the Rose by A. J. Gallant

Order of the Rose
by A. J. Gallant

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Series: Order of the Rose - Book 1
Publication Date: June 23, 2017
Publisher: A.J. Gallant
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 411 pages
Available from: Amazon
Order of the Rose. (STRONG FEMALE LEAD)

Romance, adventure, betrayal, intrigued, treasure, and humor. A medieval tale. An epic fantasy of Sword and Sorcery.
Sharpen your blade and join the epic adventure in the search for treasure, romance, and the battle to end all battles. Sprinkled with humor, and enriched by dragons and witches, it’s the ultimate fantasy.
A kingdom weakened by war.
Can the Queen find the treasure that’s gone undiscovered for over five hundred years? Does the King want to kill his Queen? Will a forbidden love grow like the beauty of a rose or wither and die? Is it possible that a virtuous Order of Knights vanquished long ago will rise again?
Can anyone or anything stop the kumaoso from destroying all the civilized kingdoms? An old man with a secret that even can’t remember?

 Order of the Rose by A. J. Gallant

Order of the RoseFor hundreds of years a powerful relic has been hidden away, protected by wizardry and subterfuge. As one kingdom prepares for war, their enemy’s dragon circles above like a vulture seeking carrion and while one king lives a life of debauchery, gluttony and lust, his queen searches relentlessly for the powerful relic and makes plans to resurrect the Order of Knights, an elite set of warriors long ago betrayed and vanquished.

One young man, in love with the princess must prove his bravery and worth for a chance to pursue their forbidden love. Will his talents with a sword prove to be worthy of being called a Knight? Will he prove worthy of the Order? Does the fate of the kingdom lay in the hands of a hidden legend or in the hands of unlikely heroes? Meanwhile, one old man’s secrets have been hidden under a witch’s spell, a secret that could change the fates of the kingdom and the coming war… will he remember in time?

A.J. Gallant writes fantasy with his own flare and ORDER OF THE ROSE is another of his tales of castles, dragons, brave knights, seemingly unbeatable enemies and forbidden love set in a world where all the classic trappings exist except for one. If you love the idea of ancient times, deceit, betrayal and royal machinations, but find the heavy and often cumbersome “language” too much to slog through, Mr. Gallant’s special spin of contemporary language usage and his added humor makes this adventure an easy read to get lost in without missing out on a world where one’s imagination can soar with the dragons and stand tall in battles of epic proportions and women can have the strength of the fiercest warriors.

A fun read with characters that are often quirky and humorous, magic that is, well, magical and dragons, love the dragons!

I received this copy from A.J. Gallant in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.


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