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Red Archer by H. L. Brooks (Red August, #2)

Red Archer
Book Two of the Red August Series
by H.L. Brooks

Series: Red August - Book 2
Publisher: Weatherhill (June 2, 2017)
Publication Date: June 2, 2017
Genre: Dark Fantasy Re-telling
Page count: 360
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Following a season of late weddings and new romance, August Archer is ready to embrace the next part of her life—ready to reclaim her lost heritage, and to join herself with the man she loves.

But her sojourn with Faolan to their Scottish homeland turns out to be a very different trip than either of them could have imagined. August feels the bonds of love twisting into knots when the past comes back to haunt them both, even as the bonds of family grow stronger when she finds the hunter clans—her ancient kin—preparing to fight for what they hold dear.

Before this journey ends, August will face her bitterest enemy, confront a shocking betrayal in the Archer family, and become transformed by a spirit world she never dreamed existed. And she will encounter a ghost from the past that threatens to unravel her entire future, in this reimagined saga of the Red Riding Hood story—the sequel to Red August.

 Red Archer by H. L. Brooks (Red August, #2)
Red Archer: Book Two of the Red August SeriesForget what you thought you knew about Little Red Riding Hood. August is back, aware of who and what she really is, learning of her heritage and a world that has been kept from her, and madly in love with an older man. August knows she and Faolan are meant to be together forever, but his sense of honor, maturity and his past stands in the way from consummating their relationship. Lacking the years to temper her impatience and still raging hormones, August will try anything to have Faolan completely and fails to understand what his reluctance is. Enter her youthful insecurities, her jealousies and her impatience, not to mention her self-centered concerns.

When Faolan gifts her with a trip to their Scottish homeland, August envisions their trip with the heart of a young romantic, but first she must understand another very special gift Faolan is giving her, a precious piece of himself, what made him the man he has become. Is she ready for the stark emotional revelations he has to share?

There is more to their journey “home” than she could ever realize, it is a time for family connections. For discoveries of one’s heritage. A ghost from the past will come back to life, a ghost who has owned Faolan’s heart and soul for decades, a ghost whose blood August carries in her own veins, a ghost who blinds August with raging jealousy, even as her own eyes and fantasies have wandered into dangerous territory … Will this trip to Scotland sound a death knell for Faolan and August? Will it prove that August is too emotionally young to understand the depth of an adult relationship? How long can Faolan coddle her childish emotions? There is more than danger to the heart as plans for deceit unfold.

H.L. Brooks’ RED ARCHER is as much a coming of age for August as it is a true test to the relationship she craves with Faolan. Are either of them ready to truly commit? Feel the passions sizzle on two different levels as August and Faolan uncover more about themselves and in turn, their relationship. Ms. Brooks holds nothing back, as she once again, plunges deep into the world of Little Red Riding Hood, if she were more than an innocent child yet not quite a woman, emotionally. Witness the desperation of a woman–child who wants to be seen as the adult she just isn’t.

Ms. Brooks gives a very raw and realistic accounting of who August is and how she struggles to mature, feels fits of petty jealousy and forgets about the feelings of others, in particular, Faolan, who, quite frankly has the patience of a saint! Fantasy comes to life with passion under the pen of H.L. Brooks with a touch of darkness, angst and of course, romance.

I received this copy from H.L. Brooks. My review is voluntary and honest.

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