Sunday, July 30, 2017

Rise of Restless and Ruined by Hilary Thompson (SoulShifter, Book 0)

Rise of Restless and Ruined 
by Hilary Thompson

My rating: 4 stars

I received this book from Hilary Thompson through Book Funnel.

Be careful what you wish for…
Zorander craved the power of his father’s crown. Being the eighth son, the throne would never be his, unless he devised a way to eliminate his brothers and stand as the first son. Little did he know, childhood wishes could come true, but the price he would pay may be too high.

RISE OF RESTLESS AND RUINED by Hillary Thompson introduces King Zorander, a young man with a dream, unaware of what his future would bring. Dark, filled with intrigue and the machinations of a young man who was determined to never be looked down on again. Had he hoped to bring greatness to his future kingdom, not knowing what would lay ahead or did he wish for too much?

A quick read that would seem to be the perfect prequel to the series that follows!

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