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Swept Away by S. McPherson (The Water Rushes #3)

Swept Away
by S. McPherson

Series: The Water Rushes - Book 3
Publication Date: August 1, 2017
Publisher: S. McPherson
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 301 pages
Available from: Amazon
Elev nos senaremdos: Live on in memories
Milo is gone, lost beyond the realms, and Vladimir and the others plan to go after him before he gets himself killed…if it isn’t already too late. But they have no way of making the gethadrox and they are not all working as together as they think.
Secrets hushed and secrets kept are soon revealed when Dezaray gets a package that leads to her taking matters into her own hands and following a path that leads to the unimaginable.
Only Lexovia and a small band of misfits stay behind in an attempt to save the world and Lexovia soon finds herself in a position of power she never truly wanted.

 Swept Away by S. McPherson (The Water Rushes #3)

Swept Away: An Epic Fantasy (The Water Rushes Book 3)It all started when one girl discovered another dimension through a water portal and was mistaken for a powerful sorceress. Now our world and the world of Coldivor are linked, and the war, intrigue and battels that wage on Coldivor are spilling over into the Earth plane as humans and their counterparts find themselves trapped in danger at every turn. Re-enter the world of Coldivor, get caught up in the chaos and the magic of a world in turmoil, where betrayal can happen at any time and warriors from both worlds are dying.

Deseray and Lexovia, counterparts to each other will find themselves caught up in secrets, danger and positions of unwanted and daunting power. Milo is missing and must be found, but will he be the same young man as before? Is his capture a trap to ensnare Vladimir, Deseray or Lexovia? Has Deseray found hidden secrets never meant to see the light of day?

Heroes will die, and even the power of magic and sorcery may not be enough to keep Coldivor safe. Decisions must be made, hearts must wait to be mended and never have two worlds been so dependent on each other…S. McPherson’s SWEPT AWAY is a brilliant addition to this fantasy series as characters old and new come together again in a battle that could end worlds.

S. McPherson’s writing style is like putting words to canvas with a loaded brush as she breathes life into each character and colors in each scene with tension, giving us a sense of being part of everything, whether it be in Coldivor or our dimension. A series for dreamers and adventurers alike!

I received an ARC edition from S. McPherson in exchange for my honest review.

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