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The Devil You Know by Freida McFadden (Dr. Jane McGill, #2)

The Devil You Know
by Freida McFadden
Series: Dr. Jane McGill - Book 2
Publisher: Hollywood Upstairs Publishing (May 28, 2017)
Publication Date: May 28, 2017
Genre: Humor | Romance | Medical
Print Length: 355 pages
Available from: Amazon
Dr. Jane McGill is in heaven.

She’s got a great job at a VA Hospital, an adorable daughter, and a loving husband. Granted, it would be wonderful if her preschooler wouldn’t wake her up at three in the morning, and it would be a miracle if her husband would change the toilet paper roll once every millennium. Still, in most ways, she has the ideal life she’d always imagined.

Then Jane discovers that Dr. Ryan Reilly is the VA’s newest vascular surgeon. Dr. Ryan Reilly, a.k.a. Sexy Surgeon, a.k.a. the biggest jerk she ever loved.

A decade ago, Jane broke up with the Sexy Surgeon to marry the Nice Software Engineer, but as cracks and crevices appear in her marriage, she can’t help but wonder what life would have been like if she’d made a different choice. Or if it isn’t too late to change her mind…

The Devil You Know by Freida McFadden
(Dr. Jane McGill, #2)

The Devil You Know (Dr. Jane McGill Book 2)Remember the guy you thought you were in love forever with? He was the one who may have been hot as blazes, full of personality and brilliantly talented, but you grew up, you needed more and the man you married gave you what you needed, love and commitment. It happened to Dr. Jane McGill when Dr. Ryan Reilly came to work at the VA hospital after being out of her life for ten years, one marriage, one child, one demanding career and a whole boatload of problems, pitfalls and stress. He blew in looking just as good, just as magnetic and he is still just as single. And Jane is poleaxed. Her marriage has a few chips, her child can be a bit demanding and her job is far from what she thought being a doctor would be.

She falls into a cautious but natural platonic relationship with Ryan, as he seems to always be there when she is in distress, almost like a knight in shining armor, but Ryan has his tarnished side, his own secrets that prevents him from forming a real relationship with anyone and Jane knows what his secret is. Is Jane getting too close to trying to rekindle their past romance? Is she just being nostalgic, forgetting why she chose Ben over Ryan? It doesn’t help that things at home are not all sunshine and smiles…

Freida McFadden’s THE DEVIL YOU KNOW is tale of choices, of reasons for the choices we make and a lesson in not being able to go back for a do-over. Written with a keen sense of comedic timing, especially regarding Jane’s harried life, this is a delightful read with fabulously flawed characters that will resonate with anyone who ever thought, “what if” when the going gets tough!

I received this copy from Freida McFadden in exchange for my honest review.

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