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The Doctor by Jennifer Bull

The Doctor
by Jennifer Bull

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Jennifer Bull (August 31, 2013)
Publication Date: August 31, 2013
Genre: YA Paranormal
Print Length: 214 pages
Available from: Amazon

After the attack at his father’s amusement park, Daniel cannot believe what he’s capable of. He tries to lock himself away and protect those he loves… until he finds out that the monster within did not get there by accident, and the one responsible didn’t stop with him.

Sarah remembers the stories her mother used to tell her: of a place where the sun shone brightly and bird songs filled the air; a place where home wasn’t a cramped cell; a place where your own mind didn’t try to torment you. She wants nothing more than to be free of this living hell... even if that means she won’t get out alive.

Jack is fed up of chasing the serial killer with no name, whose favourite game is creating monsters out of living people. He just wants to catch him before anyone else gets hurt… but reaching that goal becomes much more dangerous than anyone could have guessed.

When these three strangers find their lives colliding on an island from which there is no escape, they must work together if they want to survive. But how do they fight against a force that doesn't really exist?

The Doctor by Jennifer Bull

The DoctorTHE DOCTOR is in and Hell will be unleashed, unless he is stopped…

Three people will come together in an unlikely alliance in a desperate attempt to stop the man responsible for the living hell he put them through. Jennifer Bull’s THE DOCTOR is a dark tale of horror, the desperate quest to maintain one’s sanity and the knowledge that even death is better than the ministrations of a madman.

A trip to his father’s amusement park ends up in a nightmare for Daniel and it was more than a case of a random terror. Sarah lives like a caged bird, but her prison isn’t gilded with gold. Jack is determined to capture the serial killer who stays just out of his reach, whose favorite pastime is fashioning his own monstrous creations.

Jennifer Bull’s writing is both intriguing and cleverly dark as she weaves a tale of terror with the precision of a surgeon. A quick read that is just twisted enough to give readers the shivers.

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