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The Heart to Kill by Dorothy Place

The Heart to Kill
by Dorothy Place

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Stephen F. Austin University Press
Publication Date: November 30, 2016
ISBN-10: 162288129X
ISBN-13: 978-1622881291
Genre: Thriller
Paperback: 200 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 Savvy law student Sarah Wasser returns to her apartment to find two telephone messages:  She has not been chosen for a coveted summer internship, and her best friend from high school has just murdered her two children.  Unwilling to admit the internship failure to family and friends, the quick thinking Sarah secures a position on JoBeth’s defense team and returns to her sleepy hometown in South Carolina.

But Sarah is not well-prepared for working in a community rife with duplicity and betrayal, and her efforts are met with the benevolent amusement of the senior law partner, the resentment of the trial attorney, the rush to judgement by the folks of Eight Mile Junction, and discovery of her father’s role in the degradation of JoBeth. 

The Heart to Kill by Dorothy Place

To say Sarah Wasser’s life was turned on its heels in the time it took to listen to two phone messages would be a gross understatement. Those messages would leave her with only one option, to go home to Eight Mile Junction to privately lick her wounds and to publicly defend an old best friend for the murder of her two small children in whatever way she could. What Sarah wasn’t prepared for was how different her small town seemed now that she has grown up and seen both life in the big city and life as a determined law student. The Eight Mile Junction she returned to was too small, in mind, compassion and forgiveness.

As she secures a position on JoBeth’s defense team, Sarah will face more than an uphill battle both at the office and in the eyes of her very domineering, judgmental father, the epitome of ego, control and brutal condescension.

When the ugly truths behind why JoBeth did what she did comes to the surface, demons will be uncovered, deceit will be exposed and pillars of the community will topple. Through it all, Sarah will learn who she is and what she stands for, as well as the frail human condition of being flawed, that it will always show when the foundations of lie is built on lies.

Dorothy Place’s THE HEART TO KILL is a raw look at the lies we will perpetrate to save ourselves when it suits our own purposes and the fallout that can destroy lives, love and an entire town. Filled with subplots that sometimes begged for more attention, this tale of one woman’s greatest sin becomes the sins of a town that would rather keep things swept under the rug.

I received this copy from Dorothy Place in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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