Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Powers That Flee by Brian Clopper

The Powers That Flee
by Brian Clopper
Publisher: Behemoth Books (June 24, 2017)
Publication Date: June 24, 2017
Genre: Fantasy | Sci-Fi | ALL AGES
Print Length: 205 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

It’s October 1985, and sixteen-year-old comic book nerd Darin Forrester is given a special arcade token by a cute but mysterious girl. He soon finds himself granted super powers with a catch—they don’t stick around. With a revolving door of abilities, Darin must fight off a deranged villain on a power grab himself.

Brian Clopper delivers a sincere trip back to the 1980s where hair was big, music videos reigned supreme, comic book reading was resigned to social outcasts, and young science fiction geeks traveled at warp speed to track down the newest issue of Starlog.

 The Powers That Flee by Brian Clopper

The Powers That FleeSometimes you just need a story that comes across as magical as well as filled with touching moments, fun and adventure! Brian Clopper has nailed reading entertainment for all ages with THE POWERS THAT FLEE! Imagine being a geeky teen in the 80’s, not quite a kid, not quite grown up and certainly more of a geek than a jock. Darin would rather lock himself away with his comic books than fulfill his parents’ wishes and find girls. It wasn’t that he didn’t notice girls, but he just wasn’t cool guy material, all of his adventures came from between the pages of his comics until he was given a special token by a cute, but mysterious girl. A girl completely out of his league.

It was that token that would take him on a journey that science fiction aficionados will thrill to join in on. A scientist in crisis, his daughter must follow his instructions, instructions he has already given her in the future, instructions that will turn three teens into a super hero team on a mission to stop an evil monster from his deadly quest. Time is of the essence, their super powers have limitations and evil is gunning for them.

Feel like you are back in the 80’s, the references are fabulous and these kids are endearing as they strive to carry out a mission that may mean the difference of life and a possible death for someone very dear. From the edge-of-your seat action to the “aha” moments that bring out the best in these young people, Brian Clopper has created a world that will appeal to ALL ages, especially those of us who have ever dreamed of being a super hero and making a difference!

I received this copy from Brian Clopper in exchange for my honest review! Perfect for the whole family!

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