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The Sacrifice (The War of the Gods Book 1) by Pablo Andrés Wunderlich Padilla

The Sacrifice 
by Pablo Andrés Wunderlich Padilla

Series: The War of the Gods - Book 1
Publication Date: June 13, 2017
Publisher: Paul A. Wunderlich
Genre: Epic fantasy
Print Length: 231 pages
Available from: Amazon
Times are strange in the Mandrake Empire. A god of the five essences has been murdered, and nobody can explain how it happened. Some say the god is still alive, that they can feel his light, although what is undeniable is that the evil from the south is spreading. Rumors say that the shadows have awakened, that in Árath, the underground castle where the demons dwell, the machinery and the dark magic have been set in motion in order to strengthen their army.

A young shepherd looks after the crops and animals of his grandmother’s ranch, where he has been forced to work and abandon school. The austere times have taken a heavy toll on the soul of the boy, who begrudges not seeing young people of his own age.

What the young shepherd does not know is that violence will soon be unleashed on the village and he will be forced to begin a great adventure which might bring his life to an end. The times are favorable for Chaos, and slowly the shadows have dragged themselves to a strategic point which they will attack from. The war between Light and Darkness will begin again…

The War of the Gods has begun.

  The Sacrifice (The War of the Gods Book 1)
by Pablo Andrés Wunderlich Padilla 

The Sacrifice (The War of the Gods Book 1)Are heroes born, made or destined for their role? The Mandrake Empire has been thrust into chaos, a god has been murdered, but how? Is he truly gone? Could the battle between dark and light be determined by a poor, young shepherd, unaware of his fate?

Manchego was an orphan, taken in by is grandparents and with his grandfather now gone, the boy must give up his youth to keep their farm alive. Was it that need as the “man” of the house that would prepare him for a future he never could have imagined or was it the dreams, the dreams he had over and over again? Gifted with a special seed, he has vowed never to let it go, but what purpose will it serve? Why did the witch give it to him with such an ominous warning?

He will be led from his farm and the his small village on a quest that will reveal both his past and his purpose, but is Manchego ready for what is ahead of him? As an ancient curse destroys his village, he is warned that the Creator of the Shadow must be destroyed, that his destiny is to save his people, the very people who once looked down on him as a poor shepherd.

Will he be prepared to make what could be the ultimate sacrifice to save his world from darkness?
Pablo Andrés Wunderlich Padilla has penned the foundation of an epic fantasy series of a young boy who discovers who he is and what he is meant to do. In a classic battle of good versus evil we will witness magic, blood, death and mysteries revealed as one young man comes of age witnessing what no others have witnessed as he becomes the warrior he was destined to be. Brutal scenes of bloody deaths, newfound powers to control and an unknown future all make THE SACRIFICE an enchanting read from an author who knows how to steep his readers in another world that is difficult to leave.

I received this copy from Pablo Andres Wunderlich Padilla in exchange for my honest review.

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