Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Stateroom Tryst by P. Wesley Lundburg (Clayton Chronicles Book 1)

The Stateroom Tryst
by P. Wesley Lundburg

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: Clayton Chronicles - Book 1
Publisher: Gaslamp Scriveners Press (May 6, 2017)
Publication Date: May 6, 2017
Genre: Mystery | Suspense
Print Length: 236 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
About the Series:
San Diego private detective Rick “Clay” Clayton goes to work for the Doubleday Detective Agency after 17 years with the Pinkertons. He has built a career working solo, solving crimes and bringing down organized crime rings. Untrusting of other private eyes and certain of the incompetence of police detectives, he moves through the dark underbelly of the city to ferret out his targets. Enlisting the computer skills of an unconventional friend, Clay tracks down clues and nails the guilty with uncanny precision.

About Book One:
In The Stateroom Tryst, the first book in the Clayton Chronicles, Clay is hired by an attractive, affluent woman who wants to learn the truth behind her husband’s overnight “business” trips and spending binges. She suspects a gambling addiction, and Clay sets out to solve the mystery. When her husband is murdered among an entourage of people tailing him, Clay realizes this is no ordinary marital investigation. His tenacity leads him to uncover a dangerous alliance that takes even his hardened experience by surprise.  

 The Stateroom Tryst by P. Wesley Lundburg 
(Clayton Chronicles Book 1)
The Stateroom Tryst (Clayton Chronicles Book 1)He has an eye for clues, the ability to uncover the hidden and to look beyond the obvious. Now private detective Rick Clayton is on what appears to be a marital investigation when one wealthy woman hires him to discover who or what her husband is doing on his overnight business trips. Could he have a gambling problem? Seemed pretty cut and dried until the husband becomes the victim of murder.

With all of the grit and gristle of old murder mysteries, THE STATEROOM TRYST by P. Wesley Lundburg is a fresh take on who-dunnits and while Clay is the consummate detective, he is more soft-boiled, than hard. Smart enough to know that computers and computer geniuses are his friends, Clay uses the talents of one contact to help him dig deep into the underbelly of this investigation, only to find the warts hidden to the untrained eye.

If you like fast-paced plots with enough twists to confound even the most seasoned mystery lovers, P.Wesley Lundburg’s style will have you following the clues right along with Clay helping him plan his next move! Clay is a wonderfully drawn character, loyal to his small circle of friends, but truly a loner at heart, it is his brilliant mind and skills of deduction and clever repartee that brings him to full spectrum life!

Once again, I owe an Indie author a huge thank you for requesting a review!

I received this copy from P. Wesley Lundburg in exchange for my honest review.

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