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Wrecking Balls by Joe Giambrone

Wrecking Balls
by J. Giambrone

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: JGB (July 31, 2017)
Publication Date: July 31, 2017
Genre: Literary Humor
Print Length: 267 pages
Available from: Amazon
Charleston and Gary are on the verge of comic greatness: broke, wasted, and floundering through life. As Charleston turns 30 he faces an existential crisis. His comedy career in the gutter, he considers leaving the life. That is until Gary pilfers one of his joke ideas. Then it's comedy Jihad to the death, and there can be only one.

Wrecking Balls by Joe Giambrone

Wrecking BallsCheck your normal sensibilities at the door, J. Giambrone is about to unleash a flurry of off-color humor, and the desperation of two men, friends since childhood who will do anything to become famous in the world of standup comedy, including stealing material and losing their own sense of self in the process.

Have you been to a comedy club? Face it, the humor can be hit or miss, but these comedians will leave no subject as taboo in their quest to get a laugh or two, or even ruffle a few feathers from the crowd. They are all after that “zap” that makes them memorable and maybe even rich.

Charleston and Gary share a dream, and it isn’t to live the nine to five grind, they want to comedians, they want the fans, the spotlight and to be respected as cutting edge funny. Too bad that edge they seek can be double-edged as they bumble their way through life toward middleage and no success.

WRECKING BALLS by Joe Giambrone is funny, in a twisted way, but it also has a dark side and a sad side. Two men, caught up in a dream who never seemed to go beyond mediocre battle their egos and threaten their friendship all for the best joke ever! Prepare yourself, no body part is left unscathed, sexual preferences are winged and humiliation is perfect fodder for dark humor.

I laughed at parts, I shook my head at the jokes that missed and I grew to like both Charleston and Gary, because, for sure, they could use a friend or two as they chase their dream with stalwart determination! Clearly, if you think being funny is easy, you will be enlightened in ways you couldn’t imagine! You may also see that some of that material you laugh at in a club, after several drinks, really isn’t all that funny, but the sky is the limit and these two are shooting for the stars anyway they can!

A fun read, J. Giambrone has a talent for edgy humor, emotional baggage and quirky characters.

I received an ARC edition from J. Giambrone in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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