Friday, August 25, 2017

A Collection of Stories by Daniel Rouse

A Collection of Stories
by Daniel Rouse

My rating: 4.5 stars

Print length: 178 Pages
Genre: YA Fiction

Over the past years, author, Daniel Rouse, had written manuscripts but never completed the works. However, the manuscripts have potential but he [Daniel Rouse] likes where the stories have stopped and does not wish for the stories to be finished. Even though they're not completed, they are entertaining and worthy of publication.
A Collection of Stories by Daniel Rouse

A Collection of StoriesShort stories, they give us an escape for a brief period of time and sometimes they allow our minds to add on to each tale. That is exactly the wishes of author Daniel Rouse, who admits that A COLLECTION OF STORIES may contain some unfinished and unpolished stories he began several years ago and found that they were perfect just the way they were and I have to say, the raw talent of this author is very clear.

Story 1: Jessica is put on a plane to America from England to visit her grandmother when the unthinkable happens, the plane crashes! Jessica survives, unscathed and discovers they have crashed in Spain, where her father lives. Deciding to stay with her father, feeling abandoned by her mother, Jessica has no difficulty finding a boyfriend, but he isn’t just an ordinary guy and our feisty Jessica must decide if she can handle the person he is. Told through Jessica’s voice, living in the mind of this teen is an experience akin to being caught in the twister that blew Dorothy to Oz!

The following stories are more examples of the fertile imagination and quirky sense of humor displayed by Daniel Rouse. With Poppy’s story, there is a definite sign of maturity in the writing, although, once again, the events that happen are pure chaos and will astound readers at how easily the chaos flows as her story unfolds told through her voice and snarky attitude!

Daniel Rouse even includes the story of a young man living at home with his mother who finally finds a man she cares about. Let’s just say, there is something not to like about this Toby guy and Brian is determined to find out what Toby’s story is. Is Brian right to worry about his mother with Toby?

Are these stories polished? Nope, but they do have a quirky sense of flow. Are they totally believable? Depends, because our author was nine when he wrote Jessica’s story and only a few years older when he told Poppy’s adventures. I’m going to say that younger readers will get this completely and older readers are going to enjoy the pace and the fact that this author went with his gut and wrote stories he would like! I definitely had some fun reading with this collection! So write this name down, Daniel Rouse, I’m hoping to read more of his work and can’t wait to see where he takes me when he is the ripe old age of, maybe, sixteen!

I received this copy from Daniel Rouse in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. I don't usually read short stories, but with such a stellar review from Dii, I'm off to Amazon to get this book! Can't wait!