Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Dangerous Occupation by Yogesh Tak

A Dangerous Occupation
by Yogesh Tak

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: July 3, 2017
Publisher: Yogesh Tak
Genre: Literary Fiction
Print Length: 353 pages
Available from: Amazon
A young writer is working on his novel inspired by his lost love. His days and his nights are marred by loneliness and a poignant feeling of her absence. He struggles against his diminished hopes and incessant unfortunate events. He makes futile attempts at surviving his foreboding fall. Will he ultimately succumb to complete darkness or will he find his much sought-after escape?

A Dangerous Occupation by Yogesh Tak

A Dangerous OccupationYoung love, lived and lost can be devastating. For one young and budding author, the girl that got away sent him spiraling into a deep depression that turned his entire life into a living nightmare, only living for the moment when he may cross paths with her again. As we witness the downward spiral, poems are written, and our young man becomes an emotional hermit, unable to interact with those around him, while hating to be lost within his own mind.

As he mentally berates his own self-destructive behavior, he only fuels its escalation, living only for any scrap of approval from a girl who has moved on, imagining the what-ifs of a life that will never be.

Yogesh Tak writes of an unhealthy obsession of one man who attempts to purge his demons through his writing and his musings, while we witness his truly self-destructive behavior. Clearly, sometimes a wordsmith’s gift can be A DANGEROUS OCCUPATION.

Dark, mostly told through the internal struggles of a man in crisis as opposed to actual events, Yogesh Tak has clearly exposed the innermost pain and unbalance of loss in a human who becomes wrapped up in only himself.

I received this copy from Yogesh Tak in exchange from my honest review!

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