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Animal Graph by M.Black

Animal Graph
by M Black

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Graph - Book 1
Publisher: Eloquent Enraptures Publishing
Publication Date: June 7, 2017
Genre: YA fantasy | Post-Apocalyptic
Print Length: 157 pages
Available from: Amazon
Set in the Amazonian jungles of South America, M.Black weaves an action-packed tale in this original YA Amazonian Eco-Fic Dystopia set forty-two years after a nuclear war. Jin—a prisoner of King Borran—and Adan—another Graphed—have to fight for their survival in a utopia gone wrong. In a world where animal cells and neural tissue have been grafted into humans, and humans are connected by brain waves to chosen animals from the Amazon, will Jin and Adan survive? Will they ever find their Animal Graph counterparts? Can the Earth find harmony with humanity and the animals or will those wanting to destroy it all win?

Socially relevant, dark and sexy, with themes that hang on environmental concerns and animal welfare…

Animal Graph by M.Black

Animal GraphIt isn’t enough that the world as we know it has ended after a nuclear war. Now the beauty of the Amazon Jungle has become part of a heinous nightmare where prisoners, incarcerated for simply trying to survive in a world where the masses are yoked to their leaders become lab rats for horrendous experiments.

Human prisoners have become the hosts for animal cell and neural tissue grafting. These humans have also been connected by brain waves to chosen animals. When two prisoners escape into the jungle, their new abilities come to life in an effort to escape detection and find freedom. Jin and Adan must combine their talents and learn to trust one another in a desperate quest to survive in a world gone mad.

M.Black’s ANIMAL GRAPH is more than a dystopian tale from the creative genius of this author’s mind. It raises the question of survival of the fittest, of living in harmony and questioning what if the odds are artificially stacked against these new creations. As new senses come online, new abilities are discovered and evil is on their heels, will they learn that only the strong will survive, but will they find who the strong really are?

A thought-provoking read, told quickly and in a manner that leaves so much open for discovery. These characters were just beginning to flower as this tale ended.

I received this copy from Eloquent Enraptures Publishing.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review and I appreciate your time! Glad you enjoyed it and if you want book2, I am more than happy to give you a copy.

    Thanks again!