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C.C. Hogan's Dirt Series Two Spotlight & #Giveaway

The wonderful, amazing, incredible and overwhelmingly dragon-loving Tome Tender girls (young and not-so-young) bring you a very special little giveaway from the dragon-man Mr CC Hogan.

Book one of series two, Girls of Dirt is free and includes a catch-up of series one for those who are starting here. A tale focused around a young woman called Silvi Farthing, the new series sees the return of the dragons as she and they fight new, oppressive powers on the continents of Bind and Preland.

This is a story of ordinary women who pick up the challenge of their unfair and unequal society and lead good people, human and dragon, into a war to fight for their lives and the right to live as they wish.

Girls of Dirt
by CC Hogan

Series: Dirt - Book 1 Part Two
Publication Date: December 13, 2016
Publisher: C.C. Hogan
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Number of Pages: 502 pages
Available PERMAFREE from

It is five hundred years since the end of the great wars, and Pree and Farthing's hopes of a new world are in tatters. The dragons are nothing more than children's tales, the population of Dirt is smaller, tiny countries are ruled by greedy kings and humans are poorer and struggling.

But on the Isle of Hope, the weather is warm, the life is good and Silvi Farthing, the seventeen-year-old descendant of Johnson and Mistry, is making cheese and keeping goats.

But her little dream of independence is about to be turned upside down by her misogynistic and violent brothers, and she is not convinced that her rescuer is not actually worse!

So begins a new chapter in the story of Dirt as Silvi, Be-Elin, Mab-Abin and the Ancient Ferret, Weasel’s daughter, work to bring back the dragons, and look for a country where they will be accepted by the people and can help build a better future for all of Dirt.

Includes a recap of Series One.

Girls of Dirt by C.C. Hogan (Dirt, Series Two, Book One)

Girls of DirtFive hundred years. Having followed the amazing fantasy series, trilogy, part one, Dirt, I was taken aback when the second trilogy picked up five hundred years after I left behind the characters I grew attached to. I mean, come on, this is fiction, but I felt a loss, so many heroes and heroines gone, the dragons left to save their own lives and they have been gone five hundred years. Could I get any more saddened? Yep, in the centuries that followed the great wars and the majestic dragons leaving, the bright future that Johnson Farthing fought for had not come to pass, things may have even gotten worse. Clearly without a warrior to stand behind or the dragons to impart both their wisdom and strength, the world of Dirt has gone to hell.

Then, like a beacon for hope, Johnson Farthing’s best friend, Be-Elin returned and once again, the call to arms and the need to ally strange towns and places is made. Who better to rally the people then Farthing’s own Great-Great-Great so on and so forth granddaughter, Silvi, a seventeen year old young woman who has nothing but the dreams in her heart, the small farm she has built from the ground up and the will to fight for her world. When Be-Elin offers to let Silvi be her rider, training her and guiding her along the way, both will take away the meaning of friendship, trust and love. For the aging Be-Elin, she is taken back to a time long ago and her memories will fuel her guidance. For Silvi, there is a feeling of belonging, of being treasured, of counting in a world that has stomped her down at every turn.

Welcome back to Dirt, where life is hard, trust is hard won and honor is treasured. The fight between good and evil begins again, as dragons and humans stand together, fight together and die together to make a better world. New faces, old faces and ancient secrets will be revealed as the renewed fight for Dirt begins.

C.C. Hogan is not just an epic fantasy writer, he is a creator of worlds, dragons and humans that comes to life through their thoughts, words and deeds. Blood will be shed, because sometimes it is necessary and the past will aid the present to claim hope for the future. It is impossible to truly give credit to this series and its creator, but it has become something I can re-read over and over, it is that magical.

Simply put, The Girls of Dirt has been crafted so that anyone can read it and feel the ghosts of the past standing right next to them. There is also a re-cap of the first trilogy that has captured the very essence of this amazing series. I cannot recommend reading the series for yourself highly enough, C.C. Hogan manages to blend the struggles of a fantasy world with the struggles of our own world without missing a beat. And the dragons? We should all be like them. Truly a hidden gem to be discovered!

For your chance to win ebook copies of books two and three, just enter our little competition.

CC has given us an exclusive preview of chapter one of a forthcoming stand-alone YA novel set after series two; a story about a dragon called Mab-Kirn and his rider Gaila. 

All you need to do is read the excerpt below and answer a simple question, plus download Girls of Dirt FREE from your favourite ebook source (see above) and sign up to CC's very occasional newsletter.

Ten randomly selected winners will get book two, Dragons of Dirt, emailed to them. Two of those winners will also receive book three, People of Dirt. 

“You have to be joking, Kirny!”
“Why?”  The big desert dragon was nothing if not sublimely awkward when on the defensive.  It probably came from being around two hundred years older than the stocky, tough, brown-haired daughter of a baron who was currently glaring at him.
“Because if you are not joking, then we are broke.”
“Is that a problem?”  Dragons were not known for being especially into coin.
“Well, yes, thickhead.”
“Why?”  Mab-Kirn put his head on one side and shut one golden eye.  He loved his rider more than anyone, but the temptation to wind her up was sometimes just irresistible.
“Because I need clothes, I lost my sword and my best bow up in Categan, and last time I looked, you had run out of paints.”  Gaila sat down on the beach with a thump, pulled her thick pony tail across her shoulder, then lay back on the warm sands and sighed.  “All of which we have to buy, somehow, and I still feel not much stronger than a rabbit.”
“Actually, I’m betting on the rabbit,” the dragon commented.
It had been a long, slow recovery.  The grievous injuries that Gaila had sustained scouting in Categan in the northern states of Preland, had been made worse by infections and a serious chill which had all but killed her.  Mab-Kirn had brought her south to the warmth of Me-Lin Hoe, the birth place of the dragon Fren-Eirol a thousand years before, and left her in the care of the sea dragons in their new village on the cliffs.  Once she had regained a little of her strength, the Draig Morglas had built her a small wooden shack down on the sands where the ancient human village had once stood.  If Gaila and Mab-Kirn shared anything, it was a love of isolation from others, and while Mab-Kirn was still north fighting in the wars, Gaila had wanted to be on her own, choosing to visit the Draig Morglas when she wished rather than live amongst them.  And anyway, these dragons were unused to human company having lived all their lives on the human-free continent of Angyn, and Gaila was in constant fear of being trodden on.
She had been here for a year now and Mab-Kirn had returned for good.  Gaila was stronger, if still feeling far from fit, and had just discovered he had lost their bag of coins, probably somewhere in Benline, he reckoned.
“I thought you had coin here,” Mab-Kirn said, sitting on the sand, and scratching his cheek on the corner of the shack.
“A few coins, Kirny, but not much.  No humans around here yet and the dragons don’t use them.”
“What about your dear idiot father?”
“I don’t know,” Gaila said with a groan.  “I have hardly spoken to him and mother since I signed up with Silvi.”  Her father was Baron Gailen de Harney, ruler of Redust and the current occupant of the castle of Slypa Burh on the estuary island in Wead-Wodder two hundred and fifty leagues or so north-east.  “I am sure he would give me what we need, but…”  She closed her eyes.
“But what, dear one?”
“I don’t want to ask.”
“You don’t want to go back to Wead-Wodder, do you?”  Mab-Kirn chuckled.
“Not really.  The army village of Het Seborg is abandoned again, the town is back to its old, smelly self pretty much I reckon and…”
“And what?”
“And I am not the baron’s little daughter any longer.  Not that I ever was, really.  I don’t have a problem with seeing my parents and just asking how they are.  But if I do that, then I will be leaving again as soon as I can.  I can’t bring myself to ask for coin on the way through.  My father is an old git, but he did our family proud in the end; he deserves better than that.”


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A World called Dirt:

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