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Five Minutes After Midnight by A.J. Gallant ( Olivia Brown Mysteries, #2)

Five Minutes after Midnight
by A. J. Gallant

My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Series: Olivia Brown Mysteries - Book 2
Publication Date: July 30, 2017
Publisher: A.J. Gallant
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Print Length: 340 pages
Available from: Amazon

A Mystery, Thriller & Suspense novel like no other. Olivia Brown mysteries book 2. STRONG FEMALE LEAD
From book one: "I loved the concept of a soul connecting with a living person to solve a mystery. The plot was fast paced and kept me on my toes. I would recommend this book to anyone and am looking forward to further mysteries by this author." Suzy Ross

The Detective and her ghost friend Anita is on the trail of a serial killer, and to save Emma she must get to him before he gets to her, but there are supernatural forces at work to complicate things.
The Detective thinks that she might be pregnant, at least that's what the spirits are telling her. And there are whispers about the baby.
Anita is in heaven with her boyfriend Tim, but she’s continually pulled back and forth. Heaven reveals something to her that is truly startling.
And her physic medium Aunt Stella is getting messages from the other side and they are disturbing to say the least. A visitation from a Sister has some unforeseen consequences.

 Five Minutes After Midnight by A.J. Gallant
( Olivia Brown Mysteries, #2)

Five Minutes after Midnight (Olivia Brown Mysteries Book 2)There is a serial killer on the loose and Detective Olivia Brown is on the case, not just because it is her job, but because she knows there is more to these deaths than meets the mortal eye. It will take more than good detective instincts to stop the darkness that is threatening to unlock evil like the world has never known.

The feisty Olivia is back along with her quirky Aunt Stella, a gifted medium and Anita, her heavenly ghost friend who has the inside scoop on what is happening on the mortal plane. Demons are taking over humans, causing murder and mayhem and only those who know the truth can stop them.

Armed with the blessed tools she will need, Olivia may be the last line of defense against evil.
A young woman is targeted by demonic death, but even having been forewarned, can Olivia find her in time? Can she find the dark one who threatens her life? The minions of Hell are getting unnaturally strong and even Aunt Stella’s life is in danger…if that isn’t enough, Olivia has been given an angelic revelation that will change everything in more ways than one.

A.J. Gallant’s second book in the Olivia Brown Mystery Series, FIVE MINUTES AFTER MIDNIGHT hits the ground running as the eternal battle between darkness and light rages on. Olivia is forced to become not only a true believer, but a front-line warrior who must trust in the ghosts few can see in an attempt to stay one step ahead of evil. Time is running out and she is no match for the darkness that stalks her… unless she receives help from the most unlikely of sources. Midnight may be the witching hour, but at FIVE MINUTES AFTER MIDNIGHT all Hell could break loose.

A winning combination of great story telling, a kaleidoscope of characters and a plot that is chock full of twists and concepts that blend into a unique and magnetic tale of mystery and the paranormal by an author who never followers the beaten path!

I received this copy from A.J. Gallant in exchange for my honest review.

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