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IA: Union by John Darryl Winston (IA #3)

IA: Union
by John Darryl Winston

Series: IA - Book 3
Expected Publication: November, 2017
Young Adult Science Fiction | Fantasy

Naz races to put the pieces of his life back together while D’s life hangs in the balance.

Naz has lost everyone that he loves. And while he may have found refuge and pause at International Academy, he has found no peace and certainly no answers. All that he knows calls to him from the streets of the Exclave and Union High School where he reunites with friends and mentors.

Naz struggles, unsuccessfully, to put the pieces of his shattered life back together again—until D comes into his world and changes everything. She helps him put things into perspective, see things he couldn’t see before and remember things he had all but forgotten.

But when D goes missing, it will take more than Naz’s newly found abilities to discover her whereabouts, rescue her, and bring her unlikely captor to justice. Will he reach her in time?

 IA: Union by John Darryl Winston (IA #3)

IA: Union (IA #3)What Naz needs is a place of refuge, a place to heal the pain of the losses he has faced and to reconcile who he is, what he can do and why. He also needs his lost memories. The International Academy can provide none of this and like a fish out of water, Naz longs for the familiarity of the Exclave and the friends who had his back. As he struggle to fit in, he finds one girl who is different than any he has ever met, brilliant, talented and strong enough to handle what Naz can do, she has no qualms in calling him out on invading her thoughts. D also is the balm that soothes his restlessness and the beacon that helps him remember shards he has forgotten.

Naz isn’t the only one to notice D and when her life is in danger, Naz must once again face the possibility of another devastating loss in his life. How much will be taken from Naz because of who he is and what he can do? Are his abilities to be used once again to bring his own form of justice or has he grown into the realization that vengeance is a bitter pill to swallow. As the clock ticks down on D’s life, Naz will find one more soul tortured by a past Naz had no control over. If only the memories stolen from him could be restored, he could begin to heal and reconcile what was done to him and those he has lost. Until then, he must rely on his honor and the faith others have in him.

IA: UNION by John Darryl Winston tells the story of a young man in crisis because of his abilities, his losses and how he is forced to grow up quickly in a world that seems to want to control or destroy him at every turn. Naz’ world is not that of pretty fantasy tales, there are no bright colors or verdant fields, he lives in a concrete world where trust is rarely safe to give and one must remember to always keep their senses sharp. Mr. Winston brings a fantasy tale to the contemporary world that readers can relate to. His characters feel, think and react in ways that are believable and even understandable. They make mistakes and they struggle, Naz more than others and yet, Naz is proof that with support and finally coming to terms with one’s self, the world can be a better place and the past is not what defines us, while being different is not a bad thing, it just is.

From start to finish, Naz is a character that readers will feel for, will mentally encourage and will admire for the strength of character he strives to achieve. Loved this series, this book and having to leave it behind without a thought is just not possible. Fabulous reading for teens written by an author who knows his audience and how to hold them captive!

I received this copy from John Darryl Winston in exchange for my honest review.

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