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Jane of Manchester by J.G. Dow

Jane of Manchester
by J.G. Dow

My rating: 3 stars

Publisher: Dow Books (January 9, 2017)
Publication Date: January 9, 2017
Genre: Humor & Satire
Print Length: 206 pages
Available from: Amazon
Jane's life on the face of it isn't really too bad...she has great friends like party girl Natasha who's always up for a laugh and her close pal Polly, always there for her and of course her loving parents, but things could still be better...

Most people she knows are either married or have kids and she has been single a while now and wonders if a good man is ever to be encountered again. The single life is far from a quiet one for Jane however, as she is constantly getting dragged to night clubs and bars by Natasha and the crew as well as enduring a particularly boozy weekend away at the seaside!

Jane loves a lot about her life, disregarding rude plumbers in her flat and dealing with annoying superiors and a smug sister, but as a certain someone takes her eye, is everything about to change and get a whole lot more serious or is the single life determined to keep her captive a while longer yet...

 Jane of Manchester by J.G. Dow

Jane of ManchesterJane’s life has been sufficient, but at thirty, she realizes that just maybe there is more to life than what she has. As she realizes her world is leaving her behind, for every good thing, she finds a negative.

Welcome to Jane’s world, where her journal-like story unfolds through her eyes, liver and stomach, because much of what registers with her happens over food or drink in the excess. Even her job seems to let her down.

Prepare for the life and times of Jane as told through her eyes in JANE OF MANCHESTER by J.G. Dow. Dark, dry humor and some satire give us an insider’s look at what Jane’s rather self-destructive life is like, even as she is blind to it. When Jane finds she is attracted to someone, is she prepared to do more than sit on the sidelines?

Certainly not a bright and chipper read, no dashing knights in shining armor, no great epiphany from our main character, but probably more realistic than we would be comfortable to acknowledge, because isn’t it easier to point blame for our circumstances everywhere but where it should be? To be honest, to live in Jane's world made me a little crazy.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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