Thursday, August 3, 2017

Love Bites by T.L. Clark (Darkness & Light Duology, #1)

Love Bites
by T.L. Clark

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Darkness & Light Duology - Book 1
Publication Date: August 27, 2017
Publisher: T.L. Clark
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 368 pages
Available from: Amazon
In spite of her so-called normal life, Shakira doesn't fit in.

She moves to Wales in search of a home, the sense of belonging which has always eluded her.

She gets more than she ever dreamed possible when a handsome young man unwittingly transforms her.

Suddenly her world is full of magick and mystery, which she struggles to come to terms with.

Witches and vampires exist, and Shakira’s very existence is against the vampire clan’s law.

 Love Bites by T.L. Clark (Darkness & Light Duology, #1)

Love Bites (Darkness & Light Duology, #1)So often, people don’t feel like they quite fit in and that is exactly how Shakira felt, just not on the same wave length as those around her. It wasn’t until she moved to Wales that she finally discovered why she felt “different.” It wasn’t her, it was the human world she lived in, because as soon as she is “transformed” by a handsome young man, the world she should belong in comes to life. Is Shakira finally going to find a place to feel like home or will she discover that even in the mysterious world of magick she does not quite belong. Is it her fault or the circumstance of her birth?

Speaking of birth, a man will come into her life who wants nothing more than to know her and possibly kill her, a man filled with powerful magick, a man she should be able to freely call “father.” What drives his ire against her? Is he truly evil or has something in his own past twisted the man he has become today? In a world of witches and vampires, Shakira’s every existence is forbidden.

Step into the world of LOVE BITES by T.L. Clark and meet a heroine with attitude, standing strong in spite of her predicament, laugh at moments of quirky dialogue and feel your inner temps rise at some very adult, very hot moments of passion!

T.L. Clark doesn’t heave us over the edge into the action and tense moments, readers can settle in and get a good feel for the atmosphere before the real chaos begins. Definitely worth taking a look at for paranormal lovers always looking for that next great read that is just a little different.

I received an ARC edition from T. L. Clark in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Great review! This sounds like an awesome read that I'll definitely purchase.