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Michael's Blood by S.S. Bazinet (The Vampire Reclamation Project, #1)

Michael's Blood
by S.S. Bazinet

My rating: 3 stars

Series: The Vampire Reclamation Project - Book 1
Publisher: Renata Press; 1 edition (February 12, 2012)
Publication Date: February 12, 2012
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Page length: 411 Pages
Available from: Amazon
Can a vampire be saved? In the first book of “The Vampire Reclamation Project” series, Michael, an incarnate angel, comes to vampire Arel’s aid. He shares his own blood in an effort to purge Arel of his dark curse. But the angelic gift proves to be more than Arel bargains for. A new and powerful force surges through him, trying to clear not only the curse, but also the long buried horrors from his past.

As Michael continues to guide him through the searing flames of purification, Arel hovers between life and death. But the angel isn’t his only ally. By chance, he meets a woman, Carol. She draws him out of his dark, isolated world and into a new one. It includes a small group of her friends who become obsessed with helping him. Will their efforts succeed? Will Michael’s angelic infusion be enough to reclaim him, to drive out the curse? Will Arel find that love and happiness really do exist in the world?

 Michael's Blood by S.S. Bazinet
(The Vampire Reclamation Project, #1)

Michael's Blood (The Vampire Reclamation Project, #1)Even vampires can have a guardian angel, as Arel learns when he is at his darkest hour. Living for eternity with a dark heart has cursed Arel to a life of sadness, pain and self-hate. Wishing for the final death, he has become a recluse, purposely starving himself, anxious for “the end.”

What Arel receives is a gift of angelic blood, and the chance to find his way out of the darkness of despair, by witnessing his past lives, his past mistakes and his past torments and regrets. Will Arel achieve the lightness of heart or learn to see, feel and accept love? As he witnesses his pasts, and accepts he must learn from them, Arel must decide to move forward, as he discovers souls he once knew long ago and bonds with their current incarnation. Will Michael be there if Arel falls again? Do we all have an angel on our shoulder? Is it possible that even a vampire can be saved?

Heavy on spiritual beliefs, definitely NOT a rapidly paced tale, this is certainly a unique take on spirituality, dark vs, light and the belief that one’s soul will be re-incarnated to correct the sins of the past, even for vampires. High angst, intricately detailed scenes, some repetition and heartfelt dialogue that falls just short of feeling natural or flowing well.

S.S. Bazinet’s MICHAEL’S BLOOD does have a good plotline and sheds a different light on vampiric lore, reincarnation and the power of love and light. The feeling of darkness weighs a little heavily and perhaps too many crucial events that never crested made the plot slow down some.

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