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My British Bear by Dawn Dagger

My British Bear
by Dawn Dagger

My rating: 4.5 stars

Publication Date: September 1, 2017
Publisher: Dawn Dagger
Genre: YA
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After two months of hell living with her uncle, Maria is ready to give up. She’s already lost everything, and has no one to hold on to. Stuck in a small town where she knows not a single person, and physically abused by her uncle, she sees no hope. The only respite she gets from the hits on all sides is the small coffee shop down the road.

After an unlikely accident resulting in meeting a backwards British kid who is too polite and awkward for his own good, Maria starts to see a light in the darkness, but she’s also afraid of it.

She has her heart broken before, a hundred times in a hundred ways, and she doesn’t know if she’s ready to love, ready to let go, or even ready to face the reality of things. She doesn’t know if she’s ready to open up again and be happy.
She doesn’t know if she’s ready to live.

 My British Bear by Dawn Dagger

My British BearMaria had lost everything that mattered to her. The sudden loss of one’s parents is brutal enough, but this teen, having to live with the demons of her abusive uncle’s world, there was little life could offer her to make her smile. She felt alone, drifting, drowning in her own out of control life and the light at the end of the tunnel was an oncoming train and she was ready for it. Only the coffee and atmosphere of a small coffee shop gave her a sense of comfort and warmth. It was her escape from the abuse, the lies she lived and the loneliness she felt.

It was on her way to that very coffee shop that one small accident would bring an awkward, quirky and amazing British boy into her life and her heart, giving her something she forgot could exist-happiness, but only if she dared to try the joy of living, once again.

MY BRITISH BEAR by Dawn Dagger is dark, painful and unlike many other wonderful young adult books, does more than submerse readers in the story. Readers become part of the story, part of Maria’s inner self as she tries to untangle the web of sorrow her life has become. I didn’t feel I was reading about Maria, I felt I was in Maria’s head, looking out through her eyes and heart. Her mind was twice as chaotic as her life and her depression was horrific. Just as realistic was her metamorphosis, it wasn’t instant, it took time and was tenuous at first. It took another’s truths about life to make her realize she was not alone.

Highly emotional, often brooding, but very realistic. Dawn Dagger did a remarkable job of allowing readers to live the story she told!

I received an ARC edition from Dawn Dagger in exchange for my honest review

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